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2023-2024 University Catalog
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minor: Mass Communication


Minor: Mass Communication (15 credits)

Courses must be taken in sequence. A prerequisite course must be completed before the course that requires the prerequisite. Written permission from the department chair is required to override either of these policies. No more than 6 semester hours of transfer courses may be used in the minor. 3 hours of lower level courses may be used. A grade of C or better is required in all minor courses and prerequisites. Majors in Communication may not pursue minors in either of the two communication minors.

MMC1004 Media Literacy (3 Credits)
MMC3105 Advanced Writing For The Media (3 Credits)
MMC3614 Media Theories and Effects (3 Credits)

ADV 3008 Principles of Advertising (3 credits)
MMC 4500 History of Mass Communication (3 credits)
PUR 3000 Principles of Public Relations (3 credits)
MMC 3200 Law & Ethics in Communications (3 credits)
RTV 3000 Principles of Broadcasting (3 credits)
SPC 4064 Public Speaking for Professionals (3 credits)
JOU 3109 Multimedia Reporting (3 credits)
PUR 3100 Public Relations Writing (3 credits)
ADV3101 Advertising Creative Strategy (3 credits)