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2023-2024 University Catalog
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minor: Gender Studies


Minor: Gender Studies (15 credits)

No more than 6 semester hours, or 2 courses, may be transferred in to satisfy minor course requirements. No more than 3 semester hours, or 1 course, of classes carrying lower division numbers may be used to satisfy any minor requirement. A grade of C or better must be earned in each minor course.

SYD3800 (CD) Gender and Society (3 Credits)

SOP 3742 Psychology of Women
CCJ 4663 Women & Crime
HSC 4579 Women's Health Issues
FOT 3552 Women in the Arab World
LIT 4930 18th Century Women Novelist
ASN 3106 Women and Gender in East Asia
SYA 4930 Women & the Law
LIT 4930 Southern Women Writers
AML 3621 Black American Literature
LIT 4930 Irish Women Writers
LIT 4930 Sense & Sensibility
POS 4932 Women/Power Organization
REL 3146 Sex and God
SYO 3110 Sexuality & Marriage