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2024-2025 University Catalog
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major: Fine Arts

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Concentration: Painting and Drawing 2024-2025

Osprey Map (Course Sequence Guide)

Prerequisites (24 credits)

Grades of C or above are required in all prerequisite courses.
Note: Students should continually take art history courses with other art courses to properly prepare for the major.

ARH2050 Art History Survey I (3 Credits)
ARH2051 Art History Survey II (3 Credits)
ART1201C Two-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: ART X201, X803C, X202C
ART2203C Three-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: ART X202C, X203, X701C, X203C
ART1300C Drawing I (3 Credits)
ART2301C Drawing II (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART1300C
Acceptable substitutes: ARTX330C, X205, X310C, X305C, X301C, X200C, X3535C, X3120C, X500, X500C

SELECT 2 INTRO MEDIA COURSES - Select 1 2D & 1 3D from the list below.
2D Choices:
ART2400C Intro to Printmaking (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART1300C & ART2301C
PGY2401C Introduction to Photography (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: Completion of 30 undergraduate hours

3D Choices:
ART3707C Sculpture I (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART2203C
ART3786C Ceramics (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (12 credits)

Prerequisite Policy: Courses must be taken in prerequisite order. Please check the catalog course descriptions for prerequisites required for each course prior to registering. Prerequisites are strictly enforced by the department and registrar. First-day attendance rule: Any student who misses the first day without advanced notice to the instructor will be administratively withdrawn from that course.
Grades of C or above are required in all major courses.

ART4965C Professional Practices (3 Credits)
Art Department highly recommends taking Professional Practices in your final year.

SELECT 2 Art History Courses:
ARH 3000/4000 (3 credits)
ARH 3000/4000 (3 credits)

SELECT 1 Contemporary Course from the list below:
ART3830 Curatorial Practices (3 credits)
ART4935 Seminar (3 credits)
ART4800/PHI3800 Aesthetics of ART (3 credits)

Concentration Requirements (27 credits)

Grades of C or above are required in all major courses.

ART2330C Figure Drawing I (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART 1300C & ART 2301C
ART2500C Painting I (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART1201C & ART2301C
ART3530C Painting II (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART2500C
ART3317C Drawing Studio (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART1201C & ART2301C
ART3504C Painting III (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART 3530C
ART3560C Figurative Painting (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART 2500C & ART 2330C
ART4805 Painting and Drawing Research (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ART3530C
ART4929C Senior Project (3 Credits)
Two semesters of ART4929C (a 3-credit course) are required. Art Department highly recommends taking Senior Project in the final year.

Major Electives (15 credits)

Grades of C or above are required in all major elective courses.


(3000/4000) 1 course may be at the 2000 level. Maximum of 2 courses in your concentration.

Free Electives (6 credits)


This degree requires a minimum of 120 total hours with 48 upper (3000/4000) level hours. Free electives may be courses in any discipline (provided the required prerequisites are met) and they are the hours needed to satisfy the total hour requirement. These hours may vary (consult your advisor about free elective hours needed to graduate).