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2024-2025 University Catalog
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major: Art History

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA) 2024-2025

Osprey Map (Course Sequence Guide)

Prerequisites (23 credits)

ARH2050 Art History Survey I (3 Credits)
ARH2051 Art History Survey II (3 Credits)

DRAWING Select 1 beginning course:
ART 1300C Drawing I
ART 2301C Drawing II
Acceptable substitute: ART X310

DESIGN Select 1 beginning course:
ART 1201C Two-Dimensional Design
ART 2203C Three-Dimensional Design
Acceptable substitute: ART X202, X205

LANGUAGE Select 1 language series:

The Completion of the beginning and intermediate sequences of a language or demonstration of competency through testing is required.

Art History Foreign Language (3 credits)


Intermediate II Foreign Language course (3 credits) prefixes include:CHI, FRE, GER, POR, RUS and SPN

Major Requirements (21 credits)

Students select 5 courses (1 each) from the Ancient and Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque, American and Modern sequences. All art history majors are required to take the Art History Junior Methods (ARH 3811) and the Art History Senior Research (ARH 4910) course.

ARH3811 Junior Methods Seminar (3 Credits)
ARH4910 Senior Research Seminar (3 Credits)

SELECT 1 Ancient & Medieval course:
ARH 3130 Ancient Greek Art and Architecture (3 credits)
ARH 3150 The Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome (3 credits)
ARH 3250 Romanesque Art and Architecture (3 credits)
ARH 3202 Medieval Art and Architecture (3 credits)

SELECT 1 Renaissance or Baroque course:
ARH 3302 Italian Renaissance Art (3 credits)
ARH 3319 The Art and Architecture of Michelangelo (3 credits)
ARH 3331 Northern Renaissance Art (3 credits)
ARH 3350 Baroque Art (3 credits)
ARH 3354 Rubens to Rembrandt: Netherlandish Baroque Art (3 credits)

SELECT 1 American course:
ARH 3631 African American Art History (3 credits)
ARH 3621 American Art I: 1492 - 1876 (3 credits)
ARH 3623 American Art II: 1876 - 1940 (3 credits)

SELECT 1 Modern course:
ARH 3410 Modern European Art I (3 credits)
ARH 3434 Modern European Art II (3 credits)
ARH 3404 British Art: Hogarth to Hirst (3 credits)
ARH 3453 Postwar Art: 1940 - 1980 (3 credits)
ARH 3475 Contemporary Art: 1980 to Present (3 credits)

SELECT 1 Non Western course:
ARH 3583 Tribal Arts (3 credits)
ARH 3930 Special Topics in Non Western Art (3 credits)
ARH 3574 Early Islamic Art (3 credits)
ARH 3571 Islamic Architecture (3 credits)

Major Electives (9 credits)

Any ARH 30000-level course that has not been used to fulfill major requirements may be applied to major electives

Additional options include:
ARH 3043 Economic History of Art (3 Credits)
ARH 3883 The Apocalypse in Medieval and Early Modern Art (3 credits)
ARH 3888 Art of Disney (3 Credits)
ARH 3955 Art History on Site (3 credits)
ARH 4941 Internship in Art History (Museum, Gallery Internship) (3 credits)
Prerequisite(s) required: ARH 2050, ARH 2051 and 3 upper-level ARH courses.
ARH 4905 Directed Individual Study (3 credits)
Prerequisite(s) required: ARH 2050, ARH 2051 and 3 upper-level ARH courses

Minor Required

A minor is required for this major.* (Credits will vary)

The minor must be selected from the list of approved minors, including those outside the college of the major.
See List of Minors in the Undergraduate Catalog. Minors are generally completed during the last 60 credit hours of your program. Your minor may require prerequisites, so choosing a minor early is beneficial. See your Advisor to declare a minor.

*Double majors are exempt from a minor.

Free Electives (21 credits)

ELECTIVES 21 HOURS (3000-4000)

This degree requires a minimum of 120 total hours with 48 upper (3000/4000) level hours. Free electives may be courses in any discipline (provided the required prerequisites are met) and they are the hours needed to satisfy the total hour requirement. These hours may vary (consult your advisor about free elective hours needed to graduate).