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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Civil Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BS) 2023-2024

Osprey Map (Course Sequence Guide)

Informational Text

General Education requirements for engineering students differ from other majors. Do not register for general education courses without consulting your academic advisor and Osprey Map.

Prerequisites (27 credits)

A grade of "C" or higher is required in all Engineering prerequisite courses. Additionally, the engineering majors are selective admission majors. Students must meet the admission criteria listed with a minimum grade of C prior to officially being admitted to the major:  MAC2311 Calculus 1, PHY2048C Calc-based Physics I, and CHM2045/L Gen Chemistry I and Lab.

CHM2045 General Chemistry I (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: CHM2045C for the lecture and the lab
CHM2045L General Chemistry I Laboratory (1 Credit)
Acceptable substitute: CHS2440L
MAC2311 (GM) Calculus I (4 Credits)
Requred prerequisite(s): Pre-calculus at the college level with a "C" or higher
Acceptable substitute: MAC2281
MAC2312 (GM) Calculus II (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: MAC2282
MAC2313 (GM) Calculus III (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: MAC2283
MAP2302 (GM) Ordinary Differ Equations (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: MAP3305
PHY2048C Calculus-based Physics I (4 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: PHY2048 and PHY2048L for the lecture and the lab; PHY1041 for the lecture
PHY2049 Calculus-Based Physics II (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: PHY2049C for the lecture and the lab; PHY2044 or PHY2042 for the lecture
PHY2049L Calculus-Based Physics II Lab (1 Credit)

Foundation (14 credits)

Civil Engineering Foundation: (5 courses - 14 credit hours including natural science elective)

EGN1001C Introduction to Engineering I (2 Credits)
EGN3311 Statics (3 Credits)
STA3032 (GM) Prob/Statistics for Engrs (3 Credits)
ENC3246 Prof. Comm: Engineering (3 Credits)

SELECT 1 of the following additional natural sciences:
BSC1010C General Biology (4 Credits)
BSC3057 Introduction to Environmental Studies (3 Credits)
ESC2000 Discovering Earth Science (3 Credits)
GLY2010 Physical Geology (3 Credits)

Core Requirements (16 credits)

Civil Engineering Core: (5 courses - 16 credit hours)

CES3100 Analysis of Structures (3 Credits)
EGN3331 Strengths of Materials (3 Credits)
CGN3322C Civil Engineering Geomatics (4 Credits)
CWR3201 Fluid Mechanics (3 Credits)
EGN3321 Dynamics (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (36 credits)

Civil Engineering Major Requirements: (12 courses - 36 credit hours)

CEG3011C Geotechnical Engineering (4 Credits)
CES4702C Design of Reinforced Concrete (3 Credits)
CGN3501C Civil Engineering Materials (4 Credits)
CGN4151 Engineering Management (3 Credits)
CGN4803 Senior Capstone Design I (2 Credits)
CGN4804 Senior Capstone Design II (3 Credits)
CGN4935 FE Exam Review Seminar (1 Credit)
CWR3561 Numerical Methods and Computng (3 Credits)
CWR4001 Intro to Coastal and Port Eng (3 Credits)
CWR4202C Hydraulic Engineering (4 Credits)
ENV3001C Environmental Engineering (3 Credits)
TTE4004 Transportation Engineering (3 Credits)

Technical Electives (12 credits)

Civil Engineering Technical Electives (4 Courses, 12 Credits)

SELECT 12 credits from below:
  • CEG4101 Analysis and Design of Foundation Systems (3 Credits)
  • CEG4104 Analysis and Design of Earth Retaining Systems (3 Credits)
  • CEG4302 Applied Engineering Geology (3 Credits)
  • CES3605 Design of Steel Structures (3 Credits)
  • CES4102 Matrix Structural Analysis (3 Credits)
  • CES4321 Introduction to Bridge Engineering (3 Credits)
  • CES4711 Prestressed Concrete (3 Credits)
  • CES4844 Repair of Structures (3 Credits)
  • CGN4430 Risk Assessment (3 Credits)
  • CGN4824 Principles of Land Development (3 Credits)
  • CWR4024 Coastal and Estuarine Hydrodynamics (3 Credits )
  • CWR4006 Coastal Processes (3 Credits)
  • CWR4010 Field Methods (3 Credits)
  • CWR4121 Groundwater Flow and Containment Transport (3 Credits)
  • CWR4550 Water Wave Mechanics (3 Credits)
  • CWR4600 Major River Systems of Florida (3 Credits)
  • ENV4012 Adv. Environmental Engineering (3 Credits)
  • TTE4106 Transportation Planning (3 Credits)
  • TTE4201 Adv. Transportation Engineering (3 Credits)
  • TTE4203 Highway Geometric Design (3 Credits)
  • TTE4276 Intelligent Transportation Systems (3 Credits)
  • TTE4314 Traffic Operations (3 Credits)
  • CGN4949 Civil Engineering Internship (1-3 Credits)
  • CGN4905 Directed Individual Study* (1-3 Credits)
  • CGN4911 Supervised Undergraduate Research* (1-3 Credits)
  • CGN4931 Special Topics in Civil Engineering (1-3 Credits)
  • CGN4955 Civil Engineering Study Abroad (1-3 Credits)
  • Other 4000-level courses with prefixes CEG, CES, ENV, TTE, CWR, and CGN 
  • Students may take one course at either the 3000 or 4000 level from Physics, Mathematics, Computing, Engineering or GIS to count towards technical elective credit hours.  Students must secure approval from the School of Engineering Director prior to registering when taking a course from these disciplines.

*CGN4905 and CGN4911 can be taken in any combination up to a total of 6 credit hours

Accelerated BSCE-MSCE

A maximum of 6 credit hours of graduate level coursework may be used towards technical electives at the undergraduate level.  Students wishing to take gradate credits while in undergraduate status must receive approval from the School of Engineering Director prior to registering for the graduate level course(s).


No additional hours should be necessary to reach 120 hrs. If necessary, select additional courses to attain a total of 120 hours. This area may include hours at any level (1000-4000).