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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Degree: Master of Science (MS) 2023-2024

Informational Text

This program requires 30 credit hours of 6000-level courses.

  • A maximum of 9 credit hours of graduate level coursework can be transferred into the degree with program review and approval. Transient/concurrent enrollment at other institutions is not permitted.
  • Transfer coursework must come from an AACSB accredited institution and you must have a "B" or higher.
  • Students seeking a second Masters degree must complete at least 21 credit hours of new coursework at UNF.
  • A 3.00 program GPA is required for graduation and to be in good academic standing. A "C" or higher is required in all courses. Your GPA will reflect all repeated courses even though credit for a course may be received only once.

Core Requirements (24 credits)

ECO6415 Making Decisions with Data (3 Credits)
MAN6501 Modeling/Management Operations (3 Credits)
TRA6137 Strategic Sourcing (3 Credits)
TRA6015 Survey in Transport (3 Credits)
TRA6157 Supply Chain Management (3 Credits)
TRA6216 Strategic Logistics Management (3 Credits)
TRA6725 International Logistics (3 Credits)
TRA6906 Research Project (3 Credits)

Electives (6 credits)

SELECT 2 courses:
ECO6705 Global Economy (3 credits)
GEO6506 Economic Geography & Geographic Information Systems (3 credits)
MAN6931 Special Topics in Management (3 credits)
MAN6525 Process Management and Quality Improvements (3 Credits)
ISM6021 Management of IT (3 Credits)
ISM6419 Data Visualization (3 Credits)
ISM6404 Applications of Business Analytics (3 Credits)
MAN6726 Advanced Strategic Management (3 Credits)
MAN6957 Study Abroad in Management (3 credits).
This course offers credits variable from 1-9. Up to 3 credits can be applied to a MSLSCM elective