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2024-2025 University Catalog
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major: Counselor Education

Degree: Master of Education (MED) Concentration: School Counseling 2024-2025

Prerequisites (6 credits)

Required Pre-Professional Competencies for Florida School Counseling Certification: Completion of this state-approved preparation program provides students with the required competencies in ESOL and Reading competencies for Florida Department of Education Certification in School Counseling. Admitted students are provided advisement if previous coursework is approved to establish ESOL and Reading competencies.

TSL6700 ESOL for School Counselors (3 Credits)
RED6334 Content Area Reading (3 Credits)

Core Requirements (6 credits)

EDF6495 Rsrch and Assess in Sch Cnsl (3 Credits)
EDF6607 Education in America (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (48 credits)

MHS5005 Intro to School Counseling (3 Credits)
MHS6407 Theories of Counseling (3 Credits)
MHS6421 Counseling Children/Adolescents (3 Credits)
MHS6482 Person/Life Span Development (3 Credits)
MHS6530 Group Work for Schl Counseling (3 Credits)
MHS6600 Seminar:Consultation Skills (3 Credits)
MHS6780 Lgl, Eth, Prof School Counseling (3 Credits)
SDS6000 School Family: Mng Student Beh (3 Credits)
SDS6014 Org/Adm of School Counseling (3 Credits)
SDS6310 College and Career Readiness (3 Credits)
SDS6466 Crisis/Disaster Management (1 Credit)
SDS6820 Supervised Field Exp I (1 Credit)
SDS6821 Supervised Field Exp II (1 Credit)
SDS6830 Internship Couns/Coordination (3 Credits)
SDS6831 Internship: Mngmt Res (3 Credits)
SDS6832 Internship: College/Career Ready (3 Credits)
SDS6930 Advncd Semnr School Counseling (3 Credits)
SDS6940 Practicum in School Counseling (3 Credits)