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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Educational Leadership

Degree: Master of Education (MED) Concentration: School Leadership 2023-2024

Core Requirements (6 credits)

EDA6061 Intro. to Ed. Ld. Soc. Justice (3 Credits)

EDF 6480 Foundations in Education Research
EDG 6911 Action Research in Education

Major Requirements (24 credits)

Students will take the EDA6945 Practicum in Educational Leadership for 3 credits and may take the course for 3-6 credits if they already possess a master's degree.

EDA6196 Leadership/Learning Organization (3 Credits)
EDA6215 Developing School/Comm Resource (3 Credits)
EDA6232 Law and Ethics in Edu Lead (3 Credits)
EDA6242 School Finance (3 Credits)
EDA6945 Practicum in Educational Leadership (1-9 Credits)
EDG6625 Curriculum and Assessment Ld. (3 Credits)
EDS6050 Instructional Leadership (3 Credits)
EDS6130 Human Resource Deve in Educati (3 Credits)