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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Curriculum and Instruction

Degree: Master of Education (MED) Concentration: Advanced Secondary Ed 2023-2024


Must meet all UNF requirements for admission to a graduate program.

Core Requirements (12 credits)

EDF6687 Foundations of Multic/Urb Ed (3 Credits)
EDG6067 Intro to Teacher Inquiry (3 Credits)

CHOOSE one of the following:
EDG6348 Coaching/Mentoring for Effective Teaching & Instruction (3 credits)
EDE6205 Effective Practices for Differentiating Instruction (3 credits)

CHOOSE one of the following:
EDE6225 Elementary School Curriculum & Instruction (3 credits)
EEC6205 Curriculum & Instruction in Early Childhood Ed (3 credits)
TSL6142 ESOL Curriculum Development (3 credits)
ESE6215 Secondary School Curriculum (3 credits)
EDG6070 Teacher Thinking & Decision Making in Secondary Settings (3 credits)

Concentration Requirements (3 credits)

EDG6070 Tchr Thinking/Decision Making (3 Credits)

Culminating Experience (3 credits)

EDG6911 Action Research in Education (1-6 Credits)

Electives (12 credits)

Electives must enhance pedagogical, curricular, or content knowledge, thus electives may be selected from graduate courses both/either inside and outside of the College of Education and Human Services. Students should consult with their faculty advisor to choose courses that will benefit their personal educational goals.

CHOOSE 4 Electives in Consultation with Faculty Advisor (Level 5000 or higher).