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2022-2023 University Catalog
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certificate: International Education Certificate

Degree: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (CB) 2022-2023

Certificate Requirements (15 credits)

Students may earn the certificate in conjunction with a graduate degree or as a standalone certificate as a non-degree seeking student. Please see the Graduate Certificate Programs page for more information.

EEX5053 Foundations Excep Ed and Serv (3 Credits)

SELECT 1 of the following (3 credits):
TSL 6525 Cross-Cultural Communication & Knowledge
TSL 6700 Issues in ESOL for School Counselors

SELECT 1 of the following (3 credits):
EDF 6607 Education in America
EDG 6687 Multicultural and Urban Foundations in Ed

SELECT 1 of the following (3 credits):
EEX 5665 Classroom Management of Learners w/Except
EDG 6407 Managing Effective Learning Environments
SDS 6931 School/Family Managing Student Behavior

REQUIRED 1 Study Abroad from below (3 credits):
EEX 6841 Practicum: Special Education
EDE 6946 Student Internship
ESE 6946 Professional Internship
TSL 6940 TESOL Practicum
EEX 6911 Independent Study & Research
EDG 6906 Independent Study & Research
ESE 6910 Independent Study & Research
SDS 6940 Practicum in School Counseling