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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Criminal Justice

Degree: MS in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) 2023-2024

Prerequisites (6 credits)

Prerequisites must be completed within the first 9 hours of graduate course work.

CCJ3014 Criminological Theory (3 Credits)
CCJ3700 Res Meth Crimin & Crim Justice (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (12 credits)

CCJ6059 Advanced Criminological Theory (3 Credits)
CCJ6705 Adv Methds Criminological Rsch (3 Credits)
CCJ6706 Quantitative Research Methods (3 Credits)
CCJ6457 Administration of Justice (3 Credits)

Major Electives (15 credits)

CCJ 5692 Women & Crime
CJE 6268 Minorities & Crime
CCJ 5646 Organized Crime
CCJ 5684 Family Violence
CCJ 5743 Graduate Supervised Research Experience in Criminal Justice
CJL 5120 Criminal Law & Procedure in the Criminal Justice System
CCJ 6309 History & Philosophy of Corrections
CJC 5420 Counseling Applications in Criminal Justice
CCJ 5346 Crisis Intervention & Collective Behavior
CCJ 5456 Criminal Justice Administration Theory & Practice
CCJ 5475 Criminal Justice Planning & Evaluation
CJJ 5586 Working with Juveniles & Youthful Offenders
CCJ 5635 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CCJ 5665 Victimology
CCJ 5668 Elite Crime
CCJ 6705 Advanced Methods of Criminological Research
CCJ 6906 Directed Independent Study
CCJ 5930 Issues in Modern Criminal Justice
CCJ 5934 ST: Criminal Justice
CJC 5135 Prison and Jails
CCJ 5079 Crime Mapping
CJE 6329 Police Effectiveness
CJL 6026 Issues in Law and Justice Process
CCJ 6639 Issues in Social and Criminal Justice
CJL 6020 Prosecution and Defense Procedure
CJE 5320 Police Administration
CJE 5121 Homeland Security and Criminal Justice
CJE 5428 Critical Issues in Community Policing
CJL 5025 Women, Justice and Law
CJC5425 Methods of Offender Treatment
CJC 5520 Punishment and Society
CCJ 5652 Drugs, Crime and Society
CCJ 5066 Poverty and Crime
CJC 5165 Community Corrections and Offender Reentry

Exit Requirement (6 credits)


Option 1: Thesis Option (must take 6 hours)
CCJ 6974 Thesis/Demonstration Project

Option 2: Non-thesis Option
2 additional graduate courses