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2022-2023 University Catalog
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major: History

Degree: Master of Arts (MA) Concentration: Thesis 2022-2023

Prerequisites (3 credits)

HIS3051 (GW)Craft Of The Historian (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (36 credits)

Only one section of HIS 6946 (Internship in History) and one section of HIS 6905 (Directed Independent Study) will be permitted for the thesis program. Independent Studies and Internships may not substitute for required Readings Seminar or Research Seminars. After course requirements have been completed students will enroll in thesis research until the thesis is completed.

Students under the thesis option will have 2 years following the completion of their course work to write and defend their thesis. The thesis advisor, always a historian, will be selected by the student in consultation with the graduate coordinator once two 6000 level seminars have been completed. Designation of official manuscript/footnote for thesis, and non-thesis papers: "Chicago Manual of Style," using footnotes rather than endnotes.

An oral defense will be scheduled after the thesis has been approved by the committee. Committee members will conduct the defense, which may be attended by any member of the graduate faculty. After the defense, the student is responsible for fulfilling the university's requirements regarding thesis submission.

Students may take no more than four classes (12 hrs) with any one faculty member including HIS 6905 (Directed Independent Study) and excepting HIS6946 (Internship in History and HIS 6971(Thesis Research)

All students must apply for graduation during registration for the last semester of courses at UNF. Deadlines are published online.

SELECT 3 Readings Seminars (9 hours)

  • 6000 level
  • EUH 6905 Readings in Eur History I OR EUH 6906 Readings in Eur History II OR AMH 6905 Readings in Am History I OR AMH 6907 Readings in Am History II OR LAH 6905 Readings in Latin American History I OR LAH 6906 Readings in Latin American History II OR Readings Seminars with AFH or ASH designation.

SELECT A. 3 History Research Seminars (9 hours)

  • 6000 level

SELECT B. 2 History Courses (6 hours)

  • 5000/6000 level

SELECT C. 2 History Courses (6 hours)

  • 5000/6000 level
HIS6971 Thesis Research (1-6 Credits)
At least 6 hours and no more than 15 hours required in HIS 6971. Continual enrollment (summer exempted) required.