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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: English

Degree: Master of Arts (MA) Concentration: Composition and Rhetoric 2023-2024


ENG4013 Approach to Lit Interpretation (3 Credits)

At least 18 credits, including ENG4013, in English or related field with a GPA of 3.0 or higher

Major Requirements (6 credits)

A minimum of 33 semester hours are required for the degree. A maximum of 12 of those credits (4 courses) may be taken at the 5000-level. All students must apply for graduation during registration for the last semester of courses at UNF. Deadlines are available online.

COMPLETE the following 2 courses:
LIT6246 Major Authors (3 credits)
ENG6019 Contemporary Literacy Criticism & Theory (3 credits)

Major Electives (27 credits)

There are five basic requirements for the MA in English Component of this concentration, which will account for at least 12 credits of the 27 credits. A single course may go toward satisfying more than one requirement. For example, a LIT 6246 Major Authors course on Toni Morrison would satisfy 3 criteria: the one Major Authors requirement, one of the "later" requirements, and one of the American requirements. The graduate coordinator may substitute one film course (or equivalent), such as FIL 5934 for one of these requirements. Course descriptions for international offerings will clarify whether the course counts as "early" or "late".

SELECT 12 credits:
One course must be "early" according to below definition.
One course must be "late" according to below definition.
One course must be American literature (AML 5XXX or AML 6XXX).
One course must be British literature (AML 5XXX or AML 6XXX).
One course must be World/global or international in scope (LIT 5XXX or LIT 6XXX).

An "early" American literature course has a pre-1865 focus.
A "late" American literature course has a post-1865 focus.
An "early" British or global literature course has a pre-1865 focus.
A "late" British or global literature course has a post-1865 focus.

SELECT 3 composition courses (9 credit hours):
ENC 5226 Technical Writing (3 credit hours)
ENC 5235 Grant Writing (3 credit hours)
ENC 6700 Studies in Composition Theory (3 credit hours)
ENC 5720 Problems in Contemporary Composition (3 credit hours)
ENC 6721 Studies in Composition Research (3 credit hours)
ENC 6942 Teach Practicum: Writing Classroom (3 credit hours)
ENC 5935 Special Topics in Composition and Rhetoric (3 credit hours)
ENC 6905 Rhetoric and Composition Independent Study (3 credits)

AML6506 Studies in Early American Literature(3 credits)
AML6507 Studies in Later American Literature(3 credits)
ENL6502 Studies in Early British Literature (3 credits)
ENL6509 Studies in Later British Literature (3 credits)
LIT5934 Topics in Literature (3 credits)
LIT6905 Directed Independent Study (3 credits)
LIT6934 ST: Literature (3 credits)
LIT6941 Practicum: Teaching Literature (3 credits)
CRW 5935 Special topics in Creative Writing (3 credits)
CRW 6905 Creative Writing Independent Study (3 credits)
CRW 6925 Graduate Creative Writing Workshop (3 credits)
FIL 5934 Special topics in Film (3 credits)
FIL 6905 Film Independent Study (3 credits)
FIL 6930 Advanced Topics in Film (3 credits)
LIT 6855 Topics in Cultural Studies (3 credits)