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2022-2023 University Catalog
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major: Coastal and Port Engineering

Degree: Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) 2022-2023

Major Requirements

The Civil Engineering Master's Degree (MSCE) consists of a minimum of thirty credit hours.
Students in the Civil Engineering Major may select either a thesis or a non-thesis option. Students in the Coastal and Port Engineering major must complete a thesis.

All programs of study must be approved by the School of Engineering Graduate Program Director prior to the end of the second semester of graduate study.

School of Engineering Conditions for the Degree:
  1. All coursework must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.
  2. A GPA of 3.0 must be maintained. If the GPA falls below 3.0, academic probation will result.
  3. No more than 6.0 hours of transfer coursework can be applied to the degree. However, a student may transfer up to 12.0 hours from online graduate classes taken within the Florida State University System, provided the total of all transfer courses does not exceed 12 credit hours.
  4. A student may not receive 5000-level credit for a cross-listed 4000/5000-level course previously completed at the 4000-level. Exceptions to this rule may be considered with documented evidence of significant and appropriate differences in content between the courses.

Major Requirements (6 credits)

CGN5406 Risk Assessment (3 Credits)
EGN6457 Adv. Res. Methods for Engineer (3 Credits)

Culminating Experience (6 credits)

Take CGN6970 Civil Engineering Thesis for a total of 6 credits. There is no "non-thesis" option in this major.

CGN6970 CE Master's Thesis (1-6 Credits)

Major Electives (18 credits)

CHOOSE 4 Required Electives (12)
CWR5008 Intro to Coastal & Port Engineering (3)
CWR5824 Coastal & Estuarine Hydrodynamics (3)
CWR5015 Advanced Field Methods (3)
CWR5531 Numerical Modeling of Coastal Systems (3)
CWR5830 Port & Harbor Engineering (3)
CWR5025 Water Wave Mechanics (3)
CWR6150 Engineering Hydrology (3)
CGN6335 Advanced Oceanography & Meterology (3)

TAKE Additional Electives (6):
Any required elective course not taken as a required elective
CGN 5320 Adv. GIS Applications in Civil Eng. (3)
CWR5007 Coastal Processes (3)
CWR5545 Water Resources (3)
CWR6560 Advanced Numerical Modeling of Coastal Systems (3)
CWR6605 Major River Systems of Florida (3)
CWR5820 Coastal Structures (3)
CWR5526 Computational Fluid Dynamics (3)
CWR5241 Sediment Transport (3)
CWR6285 Turbulence (3)
CWR6026 Nonlinear Waves (3)
CGN6900 Independent Study (3)