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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Computing & Information Sciences

Degree: Master of Science (MS) Concentration: Data Science (Thesis) 2023-2024

Informational Text

The MS-CIS, Data Science concentration (Thesis), requires a total of 30 graduate credit hours, of which 24 credit hours must be earned through coursework. The student must enroll in the graduate Thesis course for at least two semesters, which would require the student to conduct an in-depth study of a research problem leading to the composition of a Master’s Thesis that summarizes the the student’s findings. The student must defend her/his thesis in a presentation that is open to the general public and evaluated by a faculty committee.

An undergraduate degree in the chosen area or equivalent, or completion of the following background subjects at the undergraduate level is required for entry into the graduate program.

  • Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Applied Discrete Mathematics
  • Databases
  • Computer Networks
Grades of "B" or above are expected in any undergraduate preparatory course work taken at UNF.

Conditions for the Masters:
1. A GPA of 3.0 or better must be maintained. A GPA below 3.0, receiving a grade below 'C+' in two courses, or receipt of 'D' or 'F' in one course will result in suspension from the program.
2. No more than 6 credit hours taken outside of the School can be included in the degree.
3. No more than 6 credit hours of 5000-level courses can be applied to the degree.
4. Students must declare thesis/non-thesis option before completion 15 credit hours in the program.
5. Special Topics in Computing (CIS6930) may be approved by the Graduate Director to substitute any of the program courses.

Core Requirements (9 credits)

CIS6913 Research Methods in Computing (3 Credits)
CIS6372 Information Assurance (3 Credits)
CEN6940 Computing Practicum (3 Credits)

Concentration Requirements (9 credits)

CAP6768 Data Analytics (3 Credits)
CAP6610 Machine Learning (3 Credits)
COP6284 Programming for Data Science (3 Credits)

Breadth Requirement (6 credits)

SELECT 2 of the following:
CAP6777 Data Mining (3)
CAP6100 User Experience Design (3)
MAN6931 Data Visualization (3)
CAP6776 Information Retrieval and Text Mining (3)
CIS6930 Special Topics in Computing (3)

Thesis (6 credits)

Enroll in CIS 6970 Thesis for at least two terms. More enrollments may be allowed to fulfill the thesis requirements, but only six credits are applicable to the degree. In order to enroll in the Thesis course, the student must obtain the approval of the Graduate Director and a Thesis Advisor.

The student conducts an in-depth study of a research problem leading to a Masters Thesis that summarizes the student findings. The student defends the Thesis in a presentation that is open to the general public and evaluated by a faculty committee.

CIS6970 Thesis: Computer Science (3 Credits)