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2024-2025 University Catalog
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major: Health Informatics

Degree: Master of Science (MS) 2024-2025


Students entering this program must complete prerequisite coursework in statistics (STA 2023 or STA 2014), basic computing (CGS 1570 or CGS 1100), general business management (MAN 3025), marketing (MAR 3023), and medical terminology (HSA 2530).  Medical terminology is waived for students with a clinical undergraduate degree.

Major Requirements (33 credits)

HSA6512 Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Healthcare (3 Credits)
CAP6768 Data Analytics (3 Credits)
HSA6396 Strategic Planning for Health Information Systems (3 Credits)
HSA6386 Population Health for Administrators (3 Credits)
HSA6149 HC Planning/Project Man (3 Credits)
HIM6667 Health Info and Interoperability (3 Credits)
HIM6122 Clinical Sys & Decision Support (3 Credits)
HSA6327 Healthcare Rev Management (3 Credits)
HIM6121 Health Info Reg Compliance (3 Credits)
HIM6123 Clinical Workflow Design (3 Credits)
CAP6777 Data Mining (3 Credits)
CAP6100 User Experience Design (3 Credits)
ECO6415 Making Decisions with Data (3 Credits)
ISM6404 Applications of Business Analytics (3 Credits)
HIM6908 Independent Study in HI (3 credits)