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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Health Administration

Degree: Master of Health Administration (MHA) 2023-2024


Students entering this program without an undergraduate degree in health administration or business administration must complete prerequisite coursework in Financial Accounting (ACG2021) and (GM) Elementary Statistics for Health and Social Sciences (STA2014) or (GM) Elementary Statistics for Business (STA2023).

Major Requirements (42 credits)

HSA5177 Health Care Finance (3 Credits)
HSA6114 Health Organization/Delivery (3 Credits)
HSA6186 HC Leadership/Org Theory (3 Credits)
HSA6435 Health Economics (3 Credits)
HSA6198 Health Information Technology (3 Credits)
HSA6196 Quantitative Analysis Health (3 Credits)
HSA6905 Policy and Law in Healthcare (3 Credits)
HSA6385 Quality Management Health Care (3 Credits)
HSA6149 HC Planning/Project Man (3 Credits)
HSA6342 Healthcare Human Resources (3 Credits)
HSA6178 Adv Health Care Financial Mgmt (3 Credits)
HSA6520 Managerial Epidemiology (3 Credits)
HSA6188 Capstone: Healthcare Strat Mgmt (3 Credits)

SELECT 1 OPTION (3 credits):
HSA 6815 Pract: Exec Skill Development (3 credits)
HSC 6970 Thesis (3 credits)

Electives (3 credits)

Electives must be selected from 5000 or 6000 level GEY, HSA, HSC, MAN, and PAD courses or other graduate level courses with Program Director approval. All non-HSA courses will require approval from their respective programs.