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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Executive Health Administration

Degree: Master of Health Administration (MHA) 2023-2024

Informational Text

  • The 30-credit hour EMHA program is completed in less than 2 years (approximately 20 months).
  • Three in-residence seminar sections at the University of North Florida will be required at the beginning of the first semester, in the summer semester, and at the end of the last semester. Each seminar section will be up to 4 days in length. More information will be provided upon admission.
  • TIME LIMITATION: The EMHA program discourages students from getting "off-track", since students are expected to complete the program as a cohort, following a specific progression through the curriculum in approximately 20 months.

Major Requirements (30 credits)

HSA6512 Leadership: Org Beh/Health (3 Credits)
HSA6179 Fin Man: Health Org (3 Credits)
HSA6707 Research Meth: Health Man (3 Credits)
HSA6396 Health Info Sys (3 Credits)
HSA6187 HR in Health Org (3 Credits)
HSA6386 Pop Health/Health Execs (3 Credits)
HSA6158 Health Policy and Law (3 Credits)
HSA6387 Quality/Patient Safety (3 Credits)
HSA6436 Health Econ/Reimb (3 Credits)
HSA6148 Strat Man/Marketing HC (3 Credits)