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2023-2024 University Catalog
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certificate: Applied Public Health & Medical Education Research

Degree: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (CB) 2023-2024

Certificate Requirements (15 credits)

Students may earn the certificate in conjunction with a graduate degree or as a standalone certificate as a non-degree seeking student. Please see the Graduate Certificate Programs page for more information.

REQUIRED Public Health courses (6 credits):
PHC6050 Public Health Biostatistics I OR PHC6051 Public Health Biostatistics II
HSC6735 Health Science Research

ELECTIVES Choose 3 courses (9 credits):
HSC6716 Health Program Evaluation
HSC6603 Theoretical Foundation of Behavior Change
PHC6051 Public Health Biostatistics II
EDA7410 Research in Educational Leadership: Qualitative Methods
EDF6211 Advanced Educational Psychology
EDF6442 Assessment in the Curriculum
EDF7215 Learning and Instruction Throughout the Lifespan
EDG6285 Fundamentals of Program Evaluation
EME6344 Lifelong Learning and Professional Development
EME6442 Curriculum and Instruction for Adult Learning
EME6678 Effective Training Design and Development
Other courses with the approval of the MPH Program Director