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2024-2025 University Catalog
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major: Physical Therapy

Degree: Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 2024-2025


The requirements listed below are prerequisites for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). The course numbers listed under each requirement are course numbers from the University of North Florida. Any substitutions to these requirements are made at the time of evaluation for admission into the DPT.

Science Prerequisite Courses (32 credits):
CHM 2045/2045L General Chemistry I with Lab (4 credits)
CHM 2046/2046L General Chemistry II with Lab (4 credits)
(8 semester hours of General Chemistry)
PHY 2053/2053L Algebra-based Physics I with Lab (4 credits)
PHY 2054/2054L Algebra-based Physics II with Lab (4 credits)
(8 semester hours of Algebra-Based Physics)
BSC 2085C Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (4 credits)
BSC 2086C Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (4 credits)
(8 semester hours of Anatomy and Physiology)
BSC 1010C General Biology I with Lab (4 credits)
BSC 1011C General Biology II with Lab (4 credits)
(8 semester hours of General Biology)

Non-Science Prerequisite Courses (9-12 credits):
PSY 2012 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
(3 semester hours of Introduction to Psychology)
DEP 3054 Lifespan Development Psychology or CLP4143 Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
(3 semester hours of Additional Psychology)
STA 2014 Elementary Statistics (3 credits)
(3 semester hours of Elementary Statistics)
HSC 3537 Medical Terminology (3 credits)
(3 semester hours of Medical Terminology-optional, but encouraged)

1st Semester (15 credits)

PHT6110C Gross Anatomy for PT (6 Credits)
PHT5005 Fndn Prof Prac and Clin Ed (3 Credits)
PHT5257C Clinical Skills (3 Credits)
PHT6153C Human Physiology (3 Credits)

2nd Semester (16 credits)

Total semester credits will increase if PHT6910 course is taken.

PHT6267C Examination and Intervention (5 Credits)
PHT6161C Clin Neuroanat/Phy (4 Credits)
PHT5806 Clinical Practicum (1 Credit)
PHT6606C Fdn of EBP (3 Credits)
PHT6126C Kinesiology (3 Credits)
PHT6910 Independent Study - Research (1 Credit)
Elective - the course can be completed up to 3 times any time after the 1st semester of the DPT program.

3rd Semester (11 credits)

PHT6218C Therapeutic Modalities (3 Credits)
PHT7551 Leadership in Physical Therapy (3 Credits)
PHT6070 Imaging in Rehabilitation (2 Credits)
PHT6191C Motor Control (3 Credits)

4th Semester (13 credits)

PHT6318C Ortho I: Extremities (4 Credits)
PHT6314C Neurology I: Path, Exam, and Int (4 Credits)
PHT6306 Pathology-Pharmacology (5 Credits)

5th Semester (14 credits)

PHT7385C Exercise Physio Cardio PT (4 Credits)
PHT7183C Ortho II: Spine and Occ Health (4 Credits)
PHT7315C Neurology II: Adv Exam and Inte (4 Credits)
PHT7608C Research Application for EBP (2 Credits)

6th Semester (10 credits)

PHT6941C DPT 2A Clinical (5 Credits)
PHT6942C DPT 2B Clinical (5 Credits)

7th Semester (15 credits)

PHT7009C Differential Diagnosis (4 Credits)
PHT7741C Spinal Cord Inj and Prosthetic (3 Credits)
PHT7328C Lifespan: Pediatrics (3 Credits)
PHT7374C Lifespan Geriatrics (3 Credits)
PHT7936 Advanced Seminar (2 Credits)

8th Semester (10 credits)

PHT7943C DPT 3A Clinical (5 Credits)
PHT7944C DPT 3B Clinical (5 Credits)