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2024-2025 University Catalog
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major: Nursing

Degree: Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Concentration: Nurse Practitioner (Family) 2024-2025

Informational Text

  • Satisfactorily complete all courses required by the program and approved by the university.
  • Satisfactorily complete all clinical requirements.
  • Complete all course work within the prescribed timeline of being admitted into the program.
  • Attain a 3.0 GPA average in all work counting toward the graduate degree.
  • Earn no more than 2 grades of less than B throughout the program.
  • Be in good standing; not subject to any sanction by the University community or School of Nursing.
  • All students in the Brooks College of Health programs will be held accountable to the most recent Code of Ethics, Guides for Professional Conduct, and/or Position Statements as developed by their respective disciplines. Refer to your program handbook.
  • Meet graduation requirements applicable to all University students; such as residency hours and final requirements.
  • If you earned graduate level (5000/6000 level) credit from another institution, consult with your Program Director.
  • Apply for graduation online through myWings by the 2nd week of the semester you are graduating (see academic calendar at for specific deadlines).

1st Semester (13 credits)

Fall semester:
NGR5003C Health Assessment/Diagnostics (4 Credits)
NGR5172 Pharmacotherapeutics (3 Credits)
NGR5141 Advanced Pathophysiology (3 Credits)
NGR6740 Role Dev in Adv Practice Nsg (3 Credits)

2nd Semester (11 credits)

Spring semester:
NGR5601C Dx and Manage Acute Cond (5 Credits)
NGR5110 Theory Framework for Practice (3 Credits)
NGR7843 Stat Interp for Adv Prac (3 Credits)

3rd Semester (12 credits)

Summer semester:
NGR6602C Hlth Prom of Child, Men, Women (6 Credits)
NGR5810 Research Methods for EBP (3 Credits)
NGR7154 Advanced Bioscience (3 Credits)

4th Semester (12 credits)

Fall semester:
NGR6603C Diag Manage Chr Cond (6 Credits)
NGR6673 Prin Epidem for Adv Prac (3 Credits)
NGR7179 Adv Pharm Mgt (3 Credits)

5th Semester (10 credits)

Spring semester:
NGR7768 Adv Prac Nsg Role Tran (3 Credits)
NGR6894 Global Health Care and Culture (3 Credits)
NGR7946 Residency in ANP (1 Credit)
NGR7850 Evidence-Based Practice I (3 Credits)

6th Semester (10 credits)

Summer semester:
NGR7871 Health Informatics for AP (3 Credits)
NGR6892 Pub Pol Impl Adv Prac (3 Credits)
NGR7946 Residency in ANP (1 Credit)
NGR7851 Evidence-Based Practice II (3 Credits)

7th Semester (9 credits)

Fall semester:
NGR7767 Practice Management (3 Credits)
NGR7946 Residency in ANP (3 Credits)
NGR7974 Doctoral Project (3 Credits)

8th Semester (6 credits)

Spring semester:
NGR7974 Doctoral Project (3 Credits)
NGR7946 Residency in ANP (3 Credits)