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2023-2024 University Catalog
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Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

While graduate-level courses are intended primarily for students admitted to a graduate program, outstanding undergraduate students may take graduate-level courses or upon approval of the department chair of the student's major and the chair of the department offering the course.

Grades earned in graduate-level courses prior to achieving graduate standing are computed in the GPA only if used to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements. Furthermore, graduate credit from UNF taken as part of an accelerated Bachelors-Master's degree program, as a post-baccalaureate student, or in another graduate program of study are counted in the construction of the Graduate Program GPA when those hours are used toward fulfillment of degree program requirements.

Graduate-level courses cannot be applied toward both the baccalaureate and graduate degree unless those courses are taken as part of an approved accelerated Bachelors-Master's degree program.

Fifteen semester hours is considered the maximum course load for an undergraduate student taking a graduate course.

Students enrolled in graduate-level courses will pay graduate-level tuition and fees associated with those courses.