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2024-2025 University Catalog
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Academic Integrity

The Free and Open Pursuit of Knowledge

The University of North Florida encourages the free and open pursuit of knowledge; we consider this to be a fundamental principle and strength of a democratic people. To this end, the University of North Florida expects its students, its faculty, its administrators, and its staff to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity. The University of North Florida expects all members of the University community to both honor and protect one another's individual and collective rights.

Course Content

A course may deal with subjects, issues, or perspectives to which some might object. Such objections will not exempt a student from course requirements. The University of North Florida stands behind the right of its instructors to include material that is challenging in any number of ways. The faculty urges students to discuss any concerns they might have concerning the content of their courses with their instructors.

Claiming One's Own Work

Each student is honor-bound to submit under his or her name or signature only his or her own work; to fully acknowledge his or her use of any information, ideas, or other matter belonging to someone else, and to properly document the source in question; and to offer for credit only that work which he or she has completed in relation to the current course.

Violations of Academic Integrity

The University of North Florida Academic Misconduct Policy identifies several types of violations; these include but are not limited to: cheating; fabricating and falsifying information or citations; submitting the same work for credit in more than one course; plagiarizing; providing another student with access to one's own work to submit under this person's name or signature; destroying, stealing or making inaccessible library or other academic resource material; and helping or attempting to help another person commit an act of academic dishonesty. The University of North Florida authorizes any instructor who finds evidence of cheating, plagiarism or other wrongful behavior that violates the University of North Florida Academic Integrity Code to take appropriate action. Possible action includes, but is not limited to, failing the student on the work in question, failing the student for the course, notifying the appropriate academic dean or Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and requesting additional action be taken.

The consequences of a breach of academic integrity may result in an unforgiveable F, which cannot be changed regardless of withdrawal status.

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