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Coggin College of Business

Programs for Excelling Students

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With nearly 1,000 active marketing majors, a UNF marketing degree offers employers and students a variety of tracks of study, including marketing analytics, digital marketing, marketing communications, and sales. However, employers in the Marketing Advisory Council (MAC) have advised us that traditional curriculum misses some professional skills—both “soft” and “hard” skills—they seek in top candidates. To address this gap, we have created two programs specifically designed to help our best students arrive at employers even more prepared.

Honors in Marketing Program

Based on standards set by the university’s honors college, the Honors in Marketing program offers bespoke instruction and mentoring to our top students (GPA of 3.5 or higher). This program is designed to prepare students in all needed aspects identified by the MAC. A special Honors course, along with experiential learning through service and internship requirements is the most robust professional preparation we offer. Students meeting all requirements of this program receive “Honors in Marketing” on their transcript. Complete information is on the Honors in Marketing webpage.

Aspire Initiative

Recognizing that GPA is not a complete measure of professional potential, work ethic, or coach-ability, UNF Marketing also offers the Aspire Initiative. Students with a 3.2 GPA or higher may apply and, upon acceptance, take a special Aspire course covering the same content as the Honors course. Students passing this course are then invited to attend MAC meetings held twice each semester to meet and engage with hiring managers from area companies. Aspire students may also, but are not required to, complete service and internship opportunities to gain experience and build their resumes. Complete information is on the Aspire marketing webpage.

Marketing Advisory Council

The Marketing Advisory Council (MAC) welcomes all area employers who hire marketing professionals. The MAC members are welcome to attend MAC meetings where your advice guides the long and short-term activities of the above programs. In addition, MAC members have direct access to our best students, may offer short case projects for student pairs to work on, service opportunities (not-for-profits members only), and paid internships (for-profit and not-for-profit members). Complete information is on the MAC webpage. For questions or to join the MAC, please email