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Honors FAQ

  • What are the benefits of the Honors Program?

    Employers tell us most graduates are unprepared for professional careers. To address this need, the Honors program starts with a special course, giving you individualized attention and direction to define your career and improve the personal, interpersonal, managerial, and technical skills most requested by employers.

    As an Honors candidate, you are invited to the Marketing Advisory Council (MAC) meetings (two per semester) and are eligible for case projects and internships under the program.

    If you complete all program requirements, at graduation you will walk as an Honors graduate, “Honors in Marketing” will be reflected on your transcript, and “Honors in Marketing” can be listed in your resume.

  • Will participating affect my graduation date?
    Most likely not. The Honors program was designed to use electives that qualify as part of the standard marketing major. Only six hours (two electives) are used in Honors. However, to be sure, check with your advisor.
  • Is there a cost to apply or for Honors?

    There are no application or acceptance fees for the Honors program. Most of the funding comes from the Coggin College of Business and the Marketing Advisory Council.

    There may be small costs ($20 to $30) for assessments during the required Honors class, but that is the extent of the costs of either program option.

  • What if I don’t complete the requirements?
    Once admitted to Honors, nearly all students complete the Honors program. However, if for some reason you are unable to, you will automatically switch to the standard marketing degree with no additional courses required or impact to your graduation date. That is, the Honors and standard marketing degrees are compatible regarding requirements and graduation dates.
  • I work and go to school. How much time does the Honors program take?

    We’ve had several students who take four or five classes and work about 20 hours a week and still have been successful in the Honors program. Some decide to do their internship in their last semester and, once they have secured the internship, quit their old job. Read more about the internship and service hours below and on the Honors program page.

    You’ll probably find the commitment isn’t more than rigorous classes you’ve already taken, and you have until graduation to complete the internship and service requirements.

  • What is required to apply?
    In general, for Honors in Marketing, you must be a marketing major, or dual major with marketing, or declare a marketing major on acceptance to the Honors program, have passed Principles of Marketing (MAR 3023 or equivalent) with a “B” or better. You also must have—or explain how you will have—an overall or UNF GPA of 3.5 or higher by the time you graduate. Complete requirements are on the Honors in Marketing page.
  • Do I get any exposure to companies?
    Yes. The Honors program is closely linked to (and funded by) the MAC, UNF’s council representing area marketing employers. As an Honors student, you will be invited to attend council meetings and network with these employers.
  • Do I get any exposure to companies?
    Yes. The Honors program is closely linked to (and funded by) the MAC, UNF’s council representing area marketing employers. As an Honors student, you will be invited to attend council meetings and network with these employers.
  • How does the internship work?
    The internship is an approved, paid, professional marketing position (of at least 200 hours) designed to build your resume. While the program doesn’t guarantee an internship, you and the program both search for internships that meet your needs and the program’s qualifications. Many MAC members also offer internships. Note: there is currently a Covid waiver allowing non-paid internships.
  • Does the internship have to be in Jacksonville?
    No. If the internship meets the program’s requirements, it can be done at any company in the world.
  • Does the internship need to be completed in a semester?
    No. The only requirements are that the internship needs to be at least 200 hours (many students choose to do more), consist of professional marketing activities, and be paid (there is currently a Covid waiver allowing non-paid internships).
  • What about the service hours?

    To build your skills and resume—and give back to the community—we encourage students to seek out marketing activities at not-for-profits. We also have relationships with several local not-for-profits, and there are several on the MAC who offer volunteer opportunities.

    Students often think 100 hours is a lot, but over the course of a year, it’s about two hours a week. Some students do it all in a few weeks during the summer. Some complete it a bit at a time. All service must be approved, and hours count only if they are performed after your acceptance in the program.

  • I’m an international student on a student visa, can I do an internship?

    International students at UNF are typically here on F-1 Visas, which allows you to work off campus after the first year as long as the work is related to your course of study. The Honors program has a designated three-credit internship class and the internship itself is part of the program’s requirements. This generally meets the requirements to work under the F-1 Visa.

    However, your internship will be approved (or recommendation to adjust it for approval) by the “SEVIS Designated Official” in UNF’s International Center.

    US Government information is here:

    Student Visas

    Students and Employment