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Coggin College of Business

Honors in the Major - Management

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About the Program

In order to recognize exceptional students in the Management major, the Department of Management has created an honors in the major recognition for the Management degree. This distinction:

  • Recognizes students that have gone outside of the normal degree requirements to enhance their learning
  • Provides an indicator to potential employers of a student’s effort and willingness to excel by gaining a variety of educational experiences.

To qualify for the honors in management recognition, all students must complete the management degree program consistent with the requirements of their catalog year and meet the qualifications outlined below. If earned, a student will receive an indicator on their transcript.

Requirements for Graduating with Honors in the Management Program

To receive honors in management, the following requirements must be met prior to graduation.

  1. Earn an upper level GPA of 3.5 or higher. Upper level GPA typically consist of all courses required for the major at the 3000-4000 level.
  2. Complete at least TWO of the following options:
    • Complete an internship in Management; this requires you to register for the appropriate course (MAN 4940 HR Mgt or MAN 4942 General Mgt)
    • Participate in a study abroad in Management; this requires you to register for the appropriate course (MAN 4956 or other approved Coggin MAN study abroad)
    • Serve as a Management Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader
    • Serve as a Peer to Career Mentor
    • Participate in the Executive Mentor program
    • Serve as a Management-related club officer (SHRM, Entrepreneurship, or other clubs as available)
    • Present, or provide evidence of acceptance of, student-authored management-related research at the annual SOARS event. (The student may use faculty assistance on the project.)

Award Process

Each semester the Management Department will review all graduating management students to assess eligibility for the honors in management recognition. In order to qualify for the award, you must be in your last semester and you MUST register for graduation. Our screening process looks only at students graduating in the current semester, so if you are not registered to graduate you will not be considered for the award. All students that qualify for the recognition will be notified through their student email when the review is complete.


Our review will begin shortly after the application for graduation closes. This is typically around mid-term of each semester. Our review will typically conclude about three weeks prior to graduation. If you are enrolled in a qualifying activity during your final semester, you need to verify that your participation is recorded with the specific administrative office.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the honors in the major for the management degree award or how to participate in any of the criteria activities, contact the appropriate office from the list below:

  • For questions related to the honors in the major – management program, contact Dr. Brian Flynn,
  • For questions or issues related to course completion, study abroad, or internships, contact the Coggin Undergraduate Advising Office,
  • For questions or issues related to peer to peer mentorship, the executive mentorship program, or club officer activity contact the Coggin Career Management Center,
  • For questions or issues related to supplemental instruction leaders, contact Student Academic Success Services (SASS),
  • For questions or issues related to research participation in SOARS, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR),