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Honors in the Major - Management

About the Program

The Honors in Management program provides targeted professional and career development to highly motivated management majors. Its curriculum, created by faculty and the Management Advisory Council, advances students through a specialized course, real company projects, select paid internships, coaching, and networking opportunities. Students completing the program also receive the Honors in Management designation on their official university transcripts.

Application Requirements

Candidates are selected through an application and interview process. To be considered, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:
  1. Management Major.
  2. B or better in MAN3025.
  3. UNF or overall undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  4. Program Application Form


Fall 2023 Courses

  • CRN 83719 MAN 4930 ST: Honors in Management
    • M W 12:00-1:15 PM
  • CRN 83717 MAN 4930 ST: Aspire in Management
    • T R 9:25-10:45 AM
  • CRN 83718 MAN 4930 ST: Aspire in Management
    • T R 12:15-1:30 PM

Graduation Requirements

To complete the program and receive the Honors in Management designation, students must meet the following requirements upon graduation:

  1. Management Major.
  2. UNF or overall undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  3. B or better in the Honors Course in Management (MAN4930: ST Honors in Management).
  4. Attend at least 2 networking activities per semester that may include:
    1. Management Advisory Council meetings.
    2. Jacksonville Business Professional (JBP) meetings.
    3. Other meetings or events (approved by the Honors course instructor).
  5. Paid Internship (approved by the Honors course instructor).
  6. At least 1 of the following professional activities:
    1. Company Case Study Project
    2. UNF or Community Service Project


Each Honors candidate will complete a paid, 200-hour, professional internship. Ideally, the internship is completed over the summer with a member company in the Management Advisory Council. However, internships may be completed with other organizations, in different locations, and/or at other times of the year.

All internships, in all instances, must be approved by the Honors course instructor. By special arrangement, internships may be structured for academic credit in partnership with the Coggin Career Services Internship Course with approval from both Honors and Internship Course instructors.

Internships must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 200 hours.
  • Paid at least minimum wage. (Most internships pay $15–20/hr.)
  • Consist primarily of professional work activities.
  • Related to management, which includes (but not limited to) activities in strategy, human resources, operations, project management, data analytics, and intra/entrepreneurship.
  • A series of assessable tasks or projects that form the basis for final evaluation, including when applicable, the Internship Course grade.
  • Hiring manager completes a survey-based assessment of the student at the end of the internship.

Organizations may request Honors student(s) for internships by emailing the Honors program at

Case Projects

Case projects are provided by members of the Management Advisory Council. Each project is short-term (approximately two months or less), with 40 hours per student. It addresses real-world experience for one pair of Honors students. Case projects typically involve research or analyses on the member’s “this would be nice to know” list that has not yet risen to a level of urgency. In other words, these are important but not urgent issues. The case project and its students are overseen by a manager within the member’s organization.

Cases allow council members to engage with Honors students via shorter/lower commitment projects. They increase members’ interaction and experience with the students and build relationships that potentially lead to internships and employment for the students. In addition, usable results are obtained through the students’ work.

Students volunteer for the projects. The work is unpaid. However, it involves professional management-related activities and thus enables students to develop their skills, résumés, and professional networks.

Case Projects FAQ

Case Projects Resources

Aspire Initiative

Aspire is a joint initiative of the Honors in Management and Honors in Marketing programs. It provides an alternative path to Honors training for students with constraints such as lack of time to complete the entire Honors program or ability to meet the full program qualifications.

More specifically, Aspire is a course that:

  1. Mirrors the Honors course’s professional and career development curriculum.
  2. Counts as a Management elective.
  3. Serves as credit for the Honors course and provides Honors program acceptance if a student subsequently qualifies for the program.

The Aspire course prerequisites are:

  1. Management Major.
  2. B or better in MAN3025.
  3. UNF or overall undergraduate GPA of 3.2 or higher.

For further details on the Aspire Initiative, see the Honors and Aspire in Management Fall 2023 Bulletin or email the Honors program at