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Coggin College of Business

Case Projects Resources

  • Registration

    Please email a brief response to the below questions to

    • Name, phone, and email.
    • Case project title.
    • Brief description of the case problem or task.
    • Desired student skillsets.
    • Confirmation that the project can reasonably be completed in 80 hours (2 students, 40 hours each) over 8–9 weeks.
    • Confirmation that a manager in the organization will oversee and guide the students.
    • Confirmation that the students will have an opportunity to present their results inside the organization.
  • Introductory Presentation

    The outline below provides suggestions for the introduction of a case project at an advisory council meeting. As many of our students do not yet have significant professional work experience, the presentation should help them to envision the work to be done, how they will help the member’s organization, and what they will learn through the process.

    The full introductory presentation should run 5 minutes or less.

    Introduction – Introduction of the council member, his/her organizational role, and the organization itself, including (if not widely known) what the organization does. 

    Case – A high-level overview of the problem and/or opportunity and why it is important to be solved or investigated.

    Resources – A summary of the data, support, access to employees, etc. that are part of the case. (Generalities are sufficient.) Anything relevant to the scenario that helps students understand the scope of the work is helpful, including the managerial resource(s) being committed to their oversight.

    Goals – A statement about the desired outcome(s) of the project, specifically what a good result would look like.

    Skills – A description of the skillsets the council member is seeking for the project, as well as the skills that he/she anticipates students will develop doing the work.

  • Results Presentation

    After the 2 students complete the case project, they will make a presentation at the last advisory council meeting of the semester. The presentation should help a general audience understand the objectives, activities, and results of the project (without disclosing proprietary information). Results presentations are given by the 2 students who worked on the case.

    The full results presentation should run 10–12 minutes.

    Introduction – The presentation begins with an introduction of the 2 students, the organization’s manager overseeing them, and the organization itself, including (if not widely known) what the organization does.  

    Case – A high-level overview of the problem and/or opportunity and why it was important to be solved or investigated.

    Activities – A summary of what was done during the project to approach or address the case. This could be a brief explanation of the steps taken to research, investigate, and/or analyze the problem or opportunity.

    Results – A description of the outcome(s). It should at least guide the audience in understanding the usefulness and impact of the work, if not provide them with the actual results (proprietary-dependent).

    Lessons Learned – A concluding examination of issues that arose during the project, and how those working on the project learned and adapted in order to overcome the difficulties or barriers.