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2023-2024 University Catalog
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minor: Environmental Studies


Minor: Environmental Studies (12 credits)

Interdisciplinary 12-credit hour minor focused on environmental studies and sustainability. A grade of C or better is required in all minor courses. Substitutions will be considered with approval from the Program Director.

CATEGORY 1 Choose two courses (6 credits) from the following: Physical and Natural Sciences

BCN4302 Building Information Modeling (3 credits)
BCN4587C Green Construction/Sustainability (3 credits)
BCN4751C Housing and Land Development (3 credits)
BOT2010C Botany (4 credits)
BOT3712C Plant Systematics and Evolution (4 credits)
BSC3057 Intro to Environmental Studies (3 credits)
BSC4921 Biology Lecture Series (1 credit)
BSC1005 Principles of Biology (3 credits)
BSC1930 Current Applications in Biology (2 credits)
BSC1011C General Biology II (4 credits)
BSC3052 Conservation Biology (3 credits)
BSC3263 Marine Biology (3 credits)
BSC4054 Environmental Toxicology (3 credits)
CHS4610/4610L Environmental Chemistry (4 credits)
CWR4024 Coastal and Estuarine Hydrodynamics (3 credits)
CWR4006 Coastal Processes (3 credits)
CWR4121 Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport (3 credits)
CWR4550 Water Wave Mechanics (3 credits)
CWR4600 Major River Systems of Florida (3 credits)
EEL4283 Introduction to Renewable Energy (3 credits)
EML4622 Clean and Renewable Energy Technology (3credits)
ENV3001C Environmental Engineering (3 credits)
ENV4012 Advanced Environmental Engineering (3 credits)
ESC2000 Discovering Earth Science (3 credits)
FAS4354 Coastal Fisheries Management (3 credits)
GIS4048 Intermediate Geographical Information Systems (3 credits)
GLY2010 Physical Geology (3 credits)
GIS3043 Intro to Geographical Information System (3 credits)
GEO3372 Conservation of Natural Resources (3 credits)
OCE3008 Oceanography (3 credits)
PCB3043C Ecology (4 credits)
PCB4301C Limnology (4 credits)
ZOO4823C General Entomology (4 credits)
ZOO4208C Coastal Invertebrate Biology (4 credits)

CATEGORY 2 Choose two courses (6 credits) from the following: Health, Social Sciences, and Human Services

AMH3630 Environmental History of the United States (3 credits)
ECP3302 Environmental Economics (3 credits)
CPO4034 Politics of Developing Countries (3 credits)
FSS3800 Seminar in Food Systems and Sustainability (3 credits)
HIS3402 Urban Environmental History and Sustainability (3 credits)
HSC4210 Environmental Health (3 credits)
HSC4624 Global Health (3 credits)
HSC4674 Global Health: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (3 credits)
HSC3578 Food, Health and Society (3 credits)
INR3016 Global Issues in Contemporary Politics (3 credits)
PHI3640 Environmental Ethics (3 credits)
PSY4870 Conservation Psychology (3 credits)
POS4167 Urban Policy and Planning (3 credits)
SYD3410 Urban Sociology (3 credits)
SYD4510 Environmental and Society (3 credits)