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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Special Education

Degree: Master of Education (MED) Concentration: Applied Behavior Analysis 2023-2024

Core Requirements (6 credits)

EEX5053 Foundations Excep Ed and Serv (3 Credits)
EEX6402 Comm, Coll, Consult Spec Ed (3 Credits)

Practicum (12 credits)

EEX5852 ABA Practicum I (3 Credits)
EEX6853 ABA Practicum II (3 Credits)
EEX6854 ABA Practicum III (3 Credits)
EEX6856 ABA Practicum IV (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (15 credits)

EEX5308 Single Case Research Design (3 Credits)
EEX5612 Concepts and Principles of ABA (3 Credits)
EEX6747 Ethics in ABA and ESE (3 Credits)
EEX6636 Research-Based Beh Int (3 Credits)
EEX6615 Implementation of Beh Int (3 Credits)

Concentration Requirements (12 credits)

EEX6635 PBIS (3 Credits)
EEX6617 Comp Behavioral Intervention (3 Credits)
EEX6664 Advanced Practices in ABA (3 Credits)
EEX6627 Supervision & Case Mgmt (3 Credits)