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Coggin Study Abroad Agreement

The International Business (IB) team is excited that you plan to participate in a Coggin study abroad program.  To ensure that processes run smoothly for you behind the scenes and that you have appropriate expectations throughout your program, we have compiled a list of rules and policies you should pay special attention to before submitting an application.  Please read each of these thoroughly to ensure you understand.  During the application process, you will confirm that you have read and agree to the following Coggin Study Abroad Agreement terms. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


The terms below are arranged by subject: academics and registration, conduct and professionalism, documents and travel, finances, and withdrawal.  Within each subject area is a general section that applies to all Coggin Study Abroad programs.  If additional terms apply to a specific type of program, there will be a subheading after the general section to indicate whom the additional section is for.

  • General Terms
    1. To participate in the international travel portion of a study abroad program, students must be registered and pay tuition for the UNF course(s) that correspond with the program.
    2. If students are unable to register for the UNF course(s) associated with their study abroad for any reason (e.g., suspension, not successfully completing the prerequisite, transferring to another school), they will also not be permitted to participate in the international travel component of the program.
    3. Students must complete all course prerequisites with a “C” or higher prior to the term they are enrolled in the study abroad course(s). If they do not, they will neither earn credit for the study abroad course(s) nor be permitted to participate in the program.
      • Note: Students may apply for a study abroad program if they haven’t completed the prerequisites as long as they will be completed before the semester the study abroad takes place.
    4. The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records.  Due to FERPA, IB cannot share certain information regarding students’ study abroad program with anyone (e.g., parents, guardians, spouses, friends, etc.) other than the students themselves.
  • Additional Terms: Summer and Semester Exchange Programs
    1. International Business (IB) has no influence over courses taught at partner institutions, with the exception of a few summer exchange programs.  Rather, IB bases expectations for future offerings on courses that have been offered at a given institution in past years.
      • Course schedules at host institutions may change, even as late as the first few days of class.  While IB will assist students in finding the most appropriate courses, they cannot guarantee that all new courses will count toward students’ degrees.  Students must be flexible and willing to assume this risk.
    2. Students must be registered and pay tuition for the relevant XCH4000 or XCH6000 placeholder course for the term(s) they will spend abroad.
    3. Students must be registered for the 0-credit, pass/fail course GEB4940 Coggin Semester Exchange Program for the term(s) they spend abroad. 
      • To earn a passing grade GEB4940, students must meet all the requirements for this course, including attending the mandatory pre-departure meetings prior to studying abroad, and the mandatory re-entry meeting upon returning from studying abroad.
    4. All grades that appear on a final transcript from overseas will be posted to the student’s myWings account according to Coggin's grade conversion and credit conversion tables. 
      • These grades are calculated into the student's transfer GPA and overall GPA, but not their UNF (institution) GPA.
  • General Terms
    1. As participants in Coggin Study Abroad programs, students are bound by UNF’s Student Conduct Code, both in the U.S. and abroad.
    2. While abroad, students are representatives of UNF, the Coggin College of Business, Florida, and the United States.  Therefore, students are expected to conduct themselves professionally during these international academic programs.
    3. If UNF incurs any fees because of a student’s behavior abroad (e.g., hotel room damage, missed travel connections, etc.), these fees may be passed on to the student and posted as charges to their myWings account.
  • General Terms
    1. Students are responsible for ensuring they have valid versions of all required travel documents including, passport, visa, and permanent resident card.
    2. Visa requirements vary by nationality, and it is the students’ responsibility to obtain the necessary visa for their study abroad program, if required.
    3. If students have the flexibility to purchase their own flights, it is their responsibility to book travel that arrives in the study abroad destination by the time and date set by their host university or faculty leader.
  • General Terms
    1. If a student cancels their participation in a study abroad for any reason, including failing to meet prerequisites or GPA minimums or financial hardship, IB is not responsible for any financial losses they may incur. 
    2. If courses are not counting toward a student’s UNF degree, UNF Financial Aid reserves the right to withhold scholarship money. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with a financial aid representative with any questions about financial aid eligibility and coverage.
  • Additional Terms: Summer and Semester Exchange Programs
    1. The only study abroad payment students will make to UNF is for tuition/fees.  Students make all other payments for their programs directly to providers (e.g., the host university, airline, hotel, health insurance company, etc.) 
    2. All estimated costs listed on Coggin Study Abroad webpages are only estimates based on previous years and information share by our partner universities.
    3. Any financial aid students receive through UNF will be disbursed about 2 weeks after the student's final, signed learning agreement (a.k.a. enrollment verification) is received after classes begin at their host institution.  IB recommends students have enough money on hand to cover at least the first 4-6 weeks of expenses abroad.
  • General Terms
    1. In order to withdraw from a Coggin Study Abroad program, students must immediately submit the request in writing to International Business at
  • Additional Terms: Faculty-Led Programs
    1. Students must then withdraw from the course following UNF's withdrawal process and policies.
    2. If charges for the student's faculty-led program have been posted to the student's myWings account, it is unlikely those funds will be returned to the student, whether or not they have already been paid.  Students should contact the UNF International Center to inquire about the refund request process.
  • Additional Terms: Summer and Semester Exchange Programs
    1. If students choose with withdraw after arriving overseas and beginning courses abroad, they must first follow the withdrawal request procedures at their host university before they can attempt to withdraw from UNF.  It is the student's responsibility to be aware of any deadlines and regulations regarding host school withdrawal.
    2. Once at student has withdrawn from the host institution, they also need to withdraw from their UNF GEB and XCH courses following UNF's withdrawal process and policies
      • Note: Withdrawal from these courses generally counts toward the withdrawal limit as described at the above withdrawal link.
Thank you for reviewing the Coggin Study Abroad Agreement above.  If you have any questions about these terms, contact us at  We will be happy to address any concerns.