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Housing and Residence Life

How to Pay: UNF Students

1. Payment by E-Check or Credit Card

You may pay all or a portion of your rent with a credit card or e-check through your myWings account. Using the following process will assure your payment is tied to your housing charge:

  • Open your myWings account
  • Find the 'MyUNF Bill' tile or search for 'My UNF Bill'
  • Click 'Pay Now' to go to the cashnet portal
  • In the 'Your Account' box, select 'Click here to make a payment'
  • The full amount you owe to housing will show in the Housing line. Put your required payment in the housing box. If you just are paying your housing, put a zero amount in the other charge boxes.
  • Then proceed with payment options.

Note: There is a 2.85% non-refundable convenience fee assessed if you pay by credit card. There is no additional fee if paying by e-check.

2. Financial Aid

The Department of Housing and Residence Life will defer all or a portion of rent against any posted and accepted financial aid provided there is enough for your rent after meal plan and tuition/fees and your aid pays out as expected.

For Main Campus Housing - If there is enough to cover all expenses, you will be cleared for move-in. If there is a portion of housing rent not covered by accepted financial aid, the portion not covered must be paid by the housing rent due date. This balance may vary due to any changes you make such as adding a class or using a bookstore voucher.

For The Flats at UNF - Fall (August - December) and Spring (January - April) rent can be deferred for the months you have enough aid to cover. To defer your rent, a Deferment Request Form must be submitted by the first week of every semester and can be found on the UNF Housing Forms page on the UNF Housing website.

3. Check or Money Order

You can pay with check, money order or cashier's check in person at Student Financial Services in Hicks Hall (Building 53). Please be sure to ask them to tie the payment to the housing charge.

NOTE: The Student Financial Services office is not accepting cash payments at this time.

Checks, money orders and cashier's checks can be placed in the drop box located outside the building to the left of the main doors. Be sure to include your student ID on the front of the check for proper posting to your account. 

4. Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan

For Main Campus Housing, the Department of Housing and Residence Life automatically bills for Florida Prepaid Dormitory for the Fall and Spring semesters. First time students, please fax, mail or e-mail a copy of your Florida Prepaid card showing how many semesters you have available to the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

This method will cover the cost of a double occupancy air conditioned space. Florida Prepaid has historically approved the following residential room types:

  • 2 Bedroom (4 person) room in Osprey Village - Upper-class facility
  • 1 Bedroom (2 Person) room in Osprey Village - Upper-class facility
  • Double Occupancy in Osprey Fountains - Upper-class facility
  • Double Occupancy in Osprey Hall - Freshman facility
  • Double Occupancy in Osprey Cove - Freshman facility
  • Double Occupancy in Osprey Crossings - Freshman facility
  • Double Occupancy in Osprey Landing - Freshman facility

Some of our rooms will not be covered totally by Florida Prepaid Dormitory. The additional amount can be paid or deferred. A housing accountant can assist you with any additional amount you will need to pay.

The Flats at UNF - Residents must submit a Deferment Request Form by the first week of every semester requesting that we bill Florida Prepaid Dormitory. The Deferment Request Form can be found on the Flats at UNF's page on the UNF Housing website under Contracts & Forms.