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Housing and Residence Life

Residential Curriculum

Our Educational Priority

The University of North Florida Housing and Residence Life cultivates an environment where residents can explore and affirm their goals and purpose to become holistic students and leaders of the world by equipping them with the tools, resources and opportunities to achieve excellence inside and outside the classroom.


Where students can explore, grow, and connect to become their best self; both inside and outside the classroom

Our Commitment

The Department of Housing and Residence Life has made a strong commitment to making our residential communities places where you can learn more about yourself through intentional experiences that can only happen in the residence halls. While living on campus at UNF, it is our hope that you will be continually challenged to learn and grow in ways that support your academic journey and personal development.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a curriculum that provides our staff with goals and strategies to ensure that we are making the educational impact we aim for. The curriculum is designed to build on each year's learning so that students have new experiences throughout their time living on campus, while also taking advantage of personal development that traditionally happens while in college. Some strategies you can expect include programming, hall leadership, bulletin boards, intentional conversations, peer mentorship relationships, and much more.

To be successful in our work, our curriculum was founded on the mission, vision, and values of our department and university, assessment and data from the experiences of previous residential students, and the theories, pedagogy, and best-practices that guide the work in the field of Student Affairs and Higher Education. The Residential Curriculum experiences are sequenced, individualized and targeted initiatives and community building strategies to help make the University of North Florida your home. Through these practices we will be able to provide students with transformative learning opportunities that lead to graduation in four years.

Learning Goals and Outcomes

For many of students, living on campus is the first time living with someone other than family, the first time navigating academics independently, and even deciding how to use spare time. For each of the learning goals and outcomes below, we have identified how we hope students gain this learning during their time with us.