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Housing and Residence Life

Emotional Support Animal Registration Process

Step 1. Register your animal with UNF SAC

Step 2. Email the Housing ESA team

Step 3. Talk to your roommate(s)

Step 4. Licence your animal with the City of Jacksonville

Step 5. Provide all documents to

Step 6. Receive animal approval email from Tasha Blair

  • task_alt

    Make sure all required documents are sent to

  • task_alt

    Be sure to follow all guidelines on Emotional Support Animals

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    Make sure all health requirements for Emotional Support Animals are up-to-date

Emotional Support Animal Process Approval Dates

The approval dates to have an ESA on campus for move-in are below. If you need approval after these dates, please email

*ESA requests can be submitted anytime, however, requests submitted within two weeks before move-in will not be approved in time for move-in.

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    ESA Paperwork for Fall due: July 30

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    ESA paperwork for Spring due: December 13

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    ESA Paperwork for Summer A due: April 26; Summer B due: June 7

Important Reminders

  • Please note: Dogs exceeding 35 lbs. and/or aggressive breeds (Pit Bull, Rottweiler or other aggressive breeds) will need additional approval.
  • If permission is granted, the Emotional Support Animal will be limited to your assigned bedroom. At no point should the animal be in a common area of a room, apartment, suite or building (hallway, community bathroom, community lounges/kitchens, etc.) unless specifically outlined with the approval notification from the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Returning Residents

Your ESA needs approval each contract term.

If you are planning on bringing the same ESA that you had previously approved, you will just need to complete a few steps to get approved for another contract term. Email with all items from the checklist below to request approval for your ESA for each contract term.

If you intend on bringing a different animal, you will need to complete the process from the beginning before your animal will be allowed to live with you in your Residence Hall.

Please note: Your ESA is not approved until you receive an approval email from Tasha Blair stating that your ESA has been approved.


Document Checklist

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    Proof of licensure with the City of Jacksonville with license number

  • check_small

    Updated vet records (not older than 30 days old) with proof that vaccinations are up to date

  • check_small

    Letter/Summary of health from vet

  • check_small

    The type, breed, and name of your animal

  • check_small

    A clear, full-bodied photo of your animal

  • check_small

    Emails from your roommate(s) stating they are okay with your animal


If you have questions about Emotional Support Animals or the Emotional Support Animal approval process, please email your question(s) to: