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Housing and Residence Life

Overview of Residence Life Conduct

The Housing and Residence Life Staff is responsible for Housing and Residence Life Conduct Hearings. This staff trains professional staff and student leaders, and educates the UNF residential community about Housing and Residence Life rules and policies. The staff is committed to enhancing the quality of life on campus and providing a safe residential community by holding students accountable for their actions and treating students with consistency, fairness, and compassion.


The Housing and Residence Life Conduct System serves to protect individual rights, while developing good citizenship, and providing procedural fairness to residents documented for violating established standards of conduct in the residential community. The Housing and Residence Life Conduct system is separate from the UNF Dean of Students Office, and as such, is in support of the Housing Contract and the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Housing and Residence Life staff reserves the right to forward any disciplinary case to the Dean of Students Office.

Location and Time

Our Residence Life Coordinators and Assistant Residence Life Coordinators hold conduct meetings in each of their offices. Meeting locations and times will be communicated through conduct letters sent from Maxient to a student’s UNF email account. 


Hearing officers are Residence Life professional staff – see Residence Life Coordinators

Reporting an Incident

Any individual may provide a report to Housing & Residence Life. All information will then be reviewed by an appropriate staff member to determine whether Housing & Residence Life Conduct would be appropriate.

Any information that comes to the attention of the University that is a violation of the Code of Conduct and has the potential to impact the safety and wellbeing of the University community may result in a student being charged with a Code of Conduct violation. The charged student has the opportunity to review reports and question witnesses.

Housing & Residence Life does not accept anonymous reports. If you choose to report information to University Police for further investigation and want to remain anonymous, use the University Police Department (UPD) "Silent Witness" form on the UPD website.

Reports submitted to Housing & Residence Life are taken seriously. Filing a false report may result in Student Conduct Code and criminal charges.

If you would like immediate assistance, please call our Welcome Desk at 904.620.5000 or contact the UPD at 911 or 904.620.2800.

Important Information

Housing & Residence Life Conduct's primary method of contact is through student email; this includes the initial Infraction Notice notifying you of the need to schedule a hearing, hearing reminders and hearing Outcome Letters. It is in your best interest to keep up with your UNF email correspondence as requested by UNF.