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Dean of Students Office

Red Zone Programming

What is the Red Zone?

The Red Zone is a time of statistically heightened instances of sexual assault that happen during the first part of the fall semester on college campuses. Many institutions across the country are working to increase education and awareness for all members of the campus community to prevent instances of sexual misconduct. Here at UNF, we want all Ospreys to understand how to meet people in safe environments, maintain healthy relationships, utilize their on-campus resources, and work together to prevent sexual misconduct.

A Collaborative Effort

Working together is essential for preventing sexual misconduct and raising awareness. All Ospreys are encouraged to participate in educational opportunities and promote safety within their abilities. Raising awareness around the Red Zone cannot be done by one person or department, but instead is a collaborative campus-wide effort! Our Red Zone partners include the Victim Advocacy Program, Student Health Services, University Police Department, Housing and Residence Life, Counseling Center, Student Ombuds, and UNF students.

Schedule of Events

Fall 2024

10AM-2PM | Osprey Plaza
4PM | DOS Lobby, 2/1400


6PM | Bldg. 58, Ballroom A 



 4PM | 58/3806

Market Days

Find us at Market Days to learn about the Red Zone, required training for students, and our schedule of events.

Red Zone Exhibit

THURS AUG 29 | 4PM | DOS Lobby (2/1400)
Stop by our interactive exhibit to learn more about the Red Zone and see art created by members of the UNF community. 

Red Zone Panel Event

WED SEPT 11 | 6PM | Bldg. 58, Ballroom A
Join our panel of campus partners to answer questions and spark dialogue around the “red zone” and our resources and response at UNF.

Bystander Intervention Training

THURS SEPT 26 | 4PM | 58/3806

A training event to understand what it means to be a bystander and how to act proactively.

Looking for a new book to read?

The Wolves Are Waiting

Before the night of the frat fair, fifteen-year-old Nora Melchionda’s life could have been a Gen-Z John Hughes movie. She had a sort-of boyfriend, a spot on the field hockey team, good grades, and a circle of close friends. Sure, there were bumps in the road: She and her lifelong BFF, Cam, were growing apart, and her mother was trying to clone her into wearing sensible khakis instead of short skirts. But none of that mattered, because Nora always had her dad, Rhett Melchionda, on her side. Rhett was not only Nora’s hero but, as the athletic director of Faber University, he was idolized by everyone she knew.

Now Nora would give anything to go back to that life. The life before she woke up on the golf course.

She doesn't want to talk about what happened—not that she could, because she doesn't remember anything. Cam wants to convince Nora to look for evidence and report the incident to the police. Adam Xu, who found Nora that night and saw her at her most vulnerable, wants to make sure she’s okay. Nora tries to pretend she’s fine. But when she realizes her silence could hurt other people, pretending is no longer an option.

About the Author

Natasha Friend is the author of nine young-adult and middle-grade novels that tackle the trust about teens and tweens. She lives on the Connecticut shoreline with her family and invites you to visit her online at @natashafriendbooks #THEWOLVESAREWAITING

the wolves are waiting book cover
Informed Osprey logo, outline of a flying bird above a bird nest in a circle

Informed Ospreys Program

The Informed Ospreys Program provides foundational knowledge about important campus topics, including sexual violence prevention. Our students who are “New to the Nest” are required to complete a Pre-Flight Checklist – which includes a Sexual Violence Prevention online module that unpacks and sheds light on the realities and misconceptions of issues such as sexual assault, relationship violence and rape. This course also meets Title IX training requirements for students.

More Information about the program and upcoming events can be found online.

Informed Ospreys Program