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Dean of Students Office
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About Victim Advocacy

Who do we serve?

The Dean of Students Victim Advocacy Program is available to all members of the UNF Community. We provide judgment free and confidential services to UNF students, faculty, and staff dealing with sexual misconduct of any kind, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, and more. 

An advocate can confidentially explore the circumstances of the crime or abusive situation with the victim and assist the victim in stabilizing and understanding the emotions resulting from the event or situation. Advocates provide trauma-informed care and can help you understand your reactions and feelings in relation to what has happened to you. 

How can you connect with us?

We are in the Dean of Students Office Building 2, Suite 1400 and open for appointments Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Schedule an appointment with us via phone (904) 620-1491 or email us at victimadvocacy@unf.eduAdvocates are also available any time, day and night, at our 24/7 hot line (904-620-1010).

All interactions with advocates are confidential and can be anonymous if you wish. More often your first phone call leads to meeting in person to explore options and working to ensure sure whatever ongoing assistance is needed will be provided. We will offer information and emotional support with the goal of helping you make your own informed, empowered decisions.

Learn More About the Services We Provide