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Office of the Student Ombuds

Student Complaints and Appeals

Occasionally students will face a challenge or concern that requires assistance from one or more campus offices. This website was created to assist students with finding the right people and procedures to get their questions answered and their concerns resolved.

At UNF, students are our first priority. They are also vital partners in ensuring the effectiveness of our institution and its learning environments. Students are strongly encouraged to pursue an informal resolution to matters of concern prior to entering the formal process; such efforts are more likely to result in a timely conclusion. Students are also strongly encouraged to begin their pursuit of an informal resolution by having a face-to-face meeting with the faculty member, supervisor, or other person in the area where the concern has arisen. Academic colleges and other UNF administrative units may establish their own policies and procedures for addressing reported student concerns. In most cases, unless otherwise defined by university policy, this entails bringing the concern to the attention of the person or office where the concern arises. If dissatisfied with the response, the student may contact the appropriate area supervisor, director, department chair, or dean for resolution. If a concern cannot be resolved through informal means, a student may file a formal written complaint in accordance with university procedures.

The University of North Florida considers student concerns filed using the following university procedures to be formal written student complaints Procedures for resolution vary based upon the nature of the complaint.

General Contact Information

To aid in the timely conclusion of a complaint or appeal through an informal resolution, general contact information is provided below. There is a link to the UNF Faculty and Staff Public Directory to locate a phone number for a particular person. There are links to the Faculty and Staff directories for the Colleges that have them. The main phone number is provided for four Administrative Units and information is provided about the UNF Ethics Hotline.

Contact Information
Student Ombudsman Student Affairs - Student Ombudsman
Public Directory UNF Faculty and Staff Public Directory
Colleges with Directories
Administrative Units
Office of Undergraduate Studies - (904) 620-2261
The Graduate School - (904) 620-1360
Distance Learning - (904) 620-DLSS (3577)
Controller's Office - (904) 620-2920
President's Office - (904) 620-2500


UNF Ethics Hotline To report fraud, compliance and ethics concerns go to Lighthouse, a third party hotline provider, to ensure the safe, secure and anonymous reporting. For more information about the UNF Ethics Hotline, Lighthouse, additional contact information and any FAQs go here: UNF Ethics Hotline Information Page

Academic Appeals

Type Procedure Responsible Unit  Policy/Reg

Appealing Academic Grades (Not related to academic misconduct) 

Appealing Academic Grades (Related to Misconduct) 

Academic Grade Appeal Form

Academic Affairs/ Provost

Appealing Academic Grades Policy 2.0340P

Academic Misconduct Policy 2.0640P

Academic Misconduct Conduct Appeals
Office of the Dean of Students Student Code of Conduct 
Satisfactory Academic Progress To appeal the loss of financial aid due to academic progress, fill out the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form Enrollment Services - Student Financial Aid Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 2.0460P
Petition Academic Policy If extenuating circumstances affected your academic performance, One-Stop Student Services gives the procedures and the policies that can be petitioned. Registrar -
Appealing Graduate Program Decision The procedure to appeal a suspension or dismissal decision by a graduate program is in section three of Policy 2.1010P Academic Affairs/ The Graduate School Appealing Graduate Program Decision Policy 2.1010P

Non-Academic Appeals

Type Procedure Responsible Unit Policy/Reg
Enrollment Appeals File an Enrollment Services Appeals :
  1. If denied In-State Residency
  2. If denied In-State Residency Reclassification
  3. To review Residency Reclassification or Initial Residency Classification after the deadline
  4. If denied Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
  5. For loss of Institutional Scholarship (UNF Presidential, Blue and Gold, Blue and Silver, etc.)
  6. For loss of State Scholarship (Florida Bright Futures)
Enrollment Services - Admissions Processing -
FAFSA Special Circumstances If special or unusual circumstances are not reflected on the FAFSA, contact One-Stop Student Services to discuss the situation. One-Stop is located at Hicks Hall, Bldg 53, Suite 1700. The phone number is (904) 620-5555. One-Stop Student Services -
Enrollment Appeals Freshman Admission Requirements and Appeals Office of Admissions -
Medical Withdrawal Appeal
To seek a Medical Withdrawal you must submit a Medical Withdrawal Application. It is recommended that students review the Dean of Students Office web page for details
To appeal a denied medical withdrawal, submit the following forms:
Call the Office of the Dean of Students at (904) 620-1491 if you have questions.
Office of Dean of Students Withdrawal Policy 2.0190P
Parking Citation Appealing Parking Tickets Parking and Transportation Services Parking Regulation 9.0010R
Parking Fee To appeal the Parking Services Fee:
  1. Log into myWings
  2. Click on Student Resources
  3. Click on My Student Records
  4. Click on Student Self Service
  5. Click on Online Forms
  6. Click the Parking Services Fee Appeal Form and follow instructions
Parking and Transportation Services Parking Regulation 9.0010R
Residence Life To appeal Housing and Residence Life sanctions, go to Appeals section on the Housing and Residence Life Rules and Conduct Procedures webpage Housing and Residence Life Resident Handbook 2021-2022
Student Conduct

Conduct Appeals

Refer to sections G and L of the Student Conduct Code for victim's rights in the conduct process and procedures on appeals, respectively.

Student Conduct Student Conduct Code 5.0010R
Student Fees Student Fee Refunds and Petitions Student Financial Services Tuition and Fee Refund Regulation 11.0090R
Library Fine Appeals Thomas G. Carpenter Library Policies Thomas G Carpenter Library -

Other Complaints

Alleged FERPA Violations The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows students to file a complaint about the university's failure to comply with FERPA requirements at the Family Policy Compliance Office Records and Registration US Department of Education - FERPA
Alleged Discrimination Violations   Equal Opportunity and Inclusion Non-Discrimination, EOD regulation 1.0040R
Student Health Services Student Health Services - Patient Rights and Responsibilities Student Health Services -
Alleged ADA Violations Go to the Student Accessibility Services - ADA Grievance Procedures to file a grievance for failure to comply with the American Disabilities Act ADA/ Section 504 Compliance Officer/ Office of the President -
Alleged Title IX Violations
To file a complaint due to sex discrimination, first go here:
If not resolved, then go here:
Equal Opportunity and Diversity -

Student of Concern

Supporting Our Students (SOS) Supporting Our Students Program


Office of the Dean of Students

State University System Board of Governors complaints

If a student asserts non-compliance with state law or the State University System (SUS) of Florida Board of Governor (BOG) regulations, a complaint form may be submitted to the BOG.

Florida State Board of Governors

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Complaints

Complaints against a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) member institution for possible violations of its Principle of Accreditation, the Core Requirements, and policies or procedures can be made through SACSCOC. Disputes between individuals and member institutions will not be reviewed.

SACSCOC Complaint Procedures Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Florida State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement Complaints

Out-of-state Distance Education students from State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) states, who have completed the internal institutional grievance process and the applicable state grievance process, may appeal non‐instructional complaints to the Florida SARA Postsecondary Reciprocal Distance Education Coordinating (PRDEC) Council. Complaints that arise in regard to allegations of dishonest or fraudulent activity with regard to interstate distance education are investigated by the FL-SARA portal entity.

FL-SARA Complaint Procedures Postsecondary Reciprocal Distance Education Coordinating Council