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Dean of Students Office

Care Services

Care Services provides a safe place for students to land, help with administrative processes, and provide both confidential and non-confidential connections to on-campus resources. 

CARE referrals simply mean someone is concerned about you!

Submit a SOS Referral

Supporting Our Students (SOS) Referral Form  

An SOS Referral Form allows Dean of Students staff members to connect with students who are experiencing situations or exhibiting behaviors that may be affecting their academic and social success. The following are reasons to submit an SOS referralFor a full list of potential reasons: see Defining Concerning Behavior.

SOS Referrals are not for emergencies. For emergencies, please call 911 or contact UPD at 904-620-2800. 

NOTE: Early Academic Alerts through advising should be used first for attendance related concerns. 

Care Case Management

The Care Services Team meets daily to review incoming referrals and determine next steps utilizing a national best practices model. The Team continues outreach through multiple methods to connect with students and address their needs and concerns. Care Services staff also provide ongoing support and monitoring for students, while encouraging them to seek any additional resources on-campus or within the community until their situation is resolved. Care Case Management is meant to be a holistic and acute intervention.  

What is a CARE Meeting? A face-to-face meeting with a Care Services team member to see how you're doing and connect you to campus resources. 

Continued Care 

For students wanting to further engage with our Care Team, we offer CARE+. This is extended connection with our Care Services team for ongoing engagement, check-in's, holistic assistance and coaching-like assistance. 

NOTE: This is NOT a replacement for counseling services.