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Supporting Our Students

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About SOS

Supporting Our Students (SOS), a CARE/BIT program offered by the Dean of Students Office since 2007, enables members of the UNF community to express their concerns about students exhibiting disturbing or alarming behavior. SOS provides a safety net when a student’s behavior becomes problematic or when a student simply is not functioning well at the University. The purpose of the SOS program is to identify, intervene and mediate students experiencing distress. The SOS Team responds to issues such as: physical, psychological, academic and substance abuse. SOS is designed to create a healthy and safe campus through the use of Campus Assessment Response, Evaluation and Behavioral Intervention Teams. Addressing the growing and changing needs of students in a proactive, centralized, coordinated and developmental manner allows the student to focus on their health and academic success. 

Mission Statement

The SOS Team’s mission is to effectively address referrals by identifying the student, investigating circumstances affecting the student’s behavior and connecting the student with the most appropriate resources. We seek to balance both the educational needs of the student, including their health and welfare, with the academic mission of the University. We treat every student as an individual, with unique needs, requiring focused attention and individualized support. Our goal is student retention and educational success.

Submitting an SOS Referral

The SOS Team is alerted when a referral is submitted, and it is then routed to the appropriate team member(s) for review. SOS Referrals are not for emergencies. For emergencies, please call 911. or contact UPD at 904-620-2800.

Including the Student in the Referral Process

We encourage the UNF community:  faculty, staff, students, and parents to present their concerns with the student before submitting a SOS Referral. We are aware this first step in the intervention process is not always possible. However, creating healthy dialogue with the student about the concern and the decision to submit a SOS Referral creates a transparent relationship, engages the student in their own process and affirms the usefulness of the resources offered by the SOS program.

Submit a Referral

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make a SOS referral?

    Please fill out the online SOS Referral Form. This form allows the reporting individual to upload any documentation regarding the referral and will be routed to the appropriate staff member for review. This form is accessible 24/7 but will only be reviewed during the University’s regular business hours. 

  • Who do I contact if I’m in immediate danger or if my safety is compromised?

    If there is an immediate threat of danger to the campus or personal safety, call UPD at (904) 620-2800. If you are on-campus and call 911, you will be routed to UPD. Off-campus individuals are encouraged to call 911 as this will not route to UPD. 

  • Is my concern for a student great enough to warrant a SOS Referral?
    The more information we get about the student, the better we can assist in getting them resources they need. Please review our Resources for Faculty/Staff page for more guidance. If you still have hesitation prior to submitting an SOS Referral, reach out to a team member and discuss your questions or concerns by emailing ( or calling the Dean of Students Office at 904-620-1491. 
  • Who is on the SOS Team?
    The SOS Team is comprised of staff and faculty from various campus areas, and they are tasked with working together to find solutions to problems that impact a student’s success. A few individuals who are on the team include the Director of Supporting Our Students, the Dean of Students, the Director of Housing & Residence Life, and PERCH counselors. 
  • Are SOS meetings confidential?
    All SOS meetings and discussions are considered confidential. Information presented about students is used on a “need to know basis” as this information is protected under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). While the SOS team meets routinely to discuss details to prioritize and allocate University resources for students in need, this information stays within the team only. 
  • Can I submit an anonymous SOS referral?
    You can submit an anonymous SOS referral. However, this makes following up with the referring party more difficult, especially when needing to gather more information. Additionally, information reported may be specific enough for the student to know who referred them without a reporting party named. The SOS team uses the greatest discretion in managing these situations.