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Dean of Students Office

Judicial Hold (J-hold) Review

If you are applying to the University of North Florida and have prior academic, disciplinary, or state and federal law incidents to report on your application, you will enter a Judicial Hold and you will be required to complete additional steps, depending on your reported incident.

Examples of Academic/Disciplinary Concerns – plagiarism, cheating, vaping, conduct violations

Examples of State/Federal Law Reports – assault, battery, possession of substances, driving-while-intoxicated

Please Note: If your records have been expunged pursuant to law, you are not required to report it.

Academic/Disciplinary Reports

If you are reporting academic or other disciplinary violations that occurred at an educational institution (i.e. high school, college, university, etc.):

  1. Download the Disciplinary Clearance Form, linked in your email from the Office of Admissions
  2. Complete the top half with your identifying information
  3. Give the form to your principal, dean, or conduct office from your institution where the violation occurred, and
  4. Ask them to complete the bottom half and return the form to the Dean of Students Office

Returning the Form via EmailTo: Subject: Disciplinary Clearance_Last Name

Returning the Form via Fax – (904) 620-3922


Previous/Returning UNF Students

If you are a graduate or former student of UNF and have previously submitted the documents required for admission, please also submit the Disciplinary Clearance Form linked in your email from the Office of Admissions. On this form, you will certify that you have not been involved in any situation regarding disciplinary action/court proceeding since being last admitted as a student.

(If you fail to notify the institution of a previous incident and the institution become aware if the situation, you may be dismissed from your program or the institution).

State/Federal Law Reports

If you are reporting state and federal law violations, you will need to complete a background check through Sterling, which includes a minimum fee of $34.51, and will request 7-years of address history. 

  • Log into the Sterling background check portal using the link in your email from the Office of Admissions
  • Click the NEXT arrow on the pop-up screen, it will bring you to the UNF Welcome Screen
  • Click on “Create Account” 
  • Fill out requested information on the “Before You Get Started” screen
  • Review compliance information
  • Fill in your personal information (7-years address history, or recent address up to 7-years) 
  • Review your information for accuracy
  • Complete your application by entering your credit or debit card information on the Payment Portal Screen. The minimum cost of the background check is $34.51. There may be additional costs, depending on the extent of the investigation.

You will receive a receipt for your order via email and Sterling will send you notification when their background check is completed. Additional documentation may be requested by the UNF Background Investigator for the Judicial Hold Committee. 

Please contact Sterling if you are inquiring about the status of your background check using the information they have provided you.

Governing Authority

In accordance with Florida Statute §1001.64(8)(a), Florida Board of Governors Regulation 6.001(7), and University Regulation 2.0380R, the University may consider the past conduct of any individual applying for admission or enrollment when those actions have been found to disrupt or interfere with the orderly conduct, processes, functions, or programs of the University. If determined to be in the best interest of the University to deny admission or enrollment to an applicant because of the applicant’s past misconduct on or off campus, the University may do so, consistent with state and federal law.

Judicial Hold Committee

The Judicial Hold Committee is made up of stakeholders across campus focused on student safety, including:

  • Dean of Students Office
  • University Police Department
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Graduate Admissions 

Admissions Review Process

If an individual answers “yes” to questions on their application related to disciplinary history, you may be asked to provide a written explanation of the event after submission of your application. Failure to answer the disciplinary questions on the application may delay processing or may result in the denial of your application to the University of North Florida. 

The Admissions Processing Office and/or Graduate School will review your application and decide regarding admissibility prior to the application coming to the Judicial Hold Committee. The Judicial Hold Committee may review background check results, disciplinary clearance forms, public records/court records, personal statements, etc. to make their decision. Additionally, the Judicial Hold Committee may request additional documentation to complete a thorough review of an applicant prior to admission. Considerations to campus safety and the well-being of the university community are weighed against an applicant’s prior history, severity of reported behavior and/or time elapsed since the reported behavior.

Any questions or concerns about completing your application, a judicial hold review or request for additional information can be directed to

Judicial Hold Appeals

An applicant may appeal if their application is denied by the Judicial Hold Committee. The appeal must be submitted within 10 business days of notification by the Office of Admissions on their application decision. If you wish to appeal, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Submit your request to appeal utilizing the Judicial Decision Appeal Form and then additional documentation can be directed to the Director of Enrollment Services with the subject line “J Hold Appeal”
  2. The Judicial Hold Committee will review and comment on the additional information and reason for appeal
  3. The appeal packet, which is comprised of the original application, any new materials, and Judicial Hold Committee comments, will be directed to a senior administrator within the University for final determination. 

The appeal decision is considered final University action.  

Any questions or concerns about completing your application, a judicial hold review or request for additional information can be directed to