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Dean of Students Office

Investigation Process

An investigation is initiated when a referral is made to the Dean of Students Office that may not include sufficient detail to issue a Notice of Charges letter under the UNF Student Code of Conduct. The following is a general overview of the investigation process.


The Dean of Students Office receives a referral documenting potential concerns, but there is not enough detail to initially reach a reasonable cause. This typically occurs when an anonymous referral is made. After the University Conduct Officer reviews the report and makes this determination, they will assign an investigator to the case who will conduct a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation.

General Investigation Steps

  • Assigned investigator develops an Investigation Plan detailing their intended process.
  • Involved parties receive a Notice of Investigation Letter and/or Request for Investigation Meeting Letter stating an investigation has started and asking the involved party to schedule a meeting.
  • The investigator may reach out to other campus areas to gather additional information.
  • The investigator will document all statements and discoveries in an investigation report to be submitted to the Dean of Students for review.

Investigation Outcomes

When developing their final report, the investigator is documenting whether there is reasonable cause to believe a violation of the UNF Student Code of Conduct has occurred. If the investigator determines there is reasonable cause, then they will recommend moving the case through the student conduct process. If the investigator does not determine a reasonable cause, then the following are other potential recommendations for outcomes:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – referral based on potential mediation between parties
  • Office of Equal Opportunity & Inclusion – referral based on potential Title IX/sexual misconduct or discrimination components
  • Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life – referral based on specific Council policies
  • Student Government – referral based on potential Bylaws or policies
  • Osprey Involvement Center – referral based on RSO Handbook policies
  • UNF Athletics – referral based on Student-Athlete Handbook policies
  • Supporting Our Students – referral based on potential well-being concerns which could rise to the level of conduct violations in the future
  • Am I required to participate in the investigation process?
    No; participating in an investigation is voluntary and at the discretion of the student. If you do not wish to participate, we ask that you express that after receiving the initial letter. Please be advised the process will still move forward with or without your participation to review information presented.
  • Can I bring an advisor to an investigation meeting?
    Yes, any student involved in the investigation process may bring an advisor with them. The advisor can participate in all aspects of the meeting and ask questions, but they cannot speak on behalf of the student. If you choose to be accompanied by an advisor, please fill out the Advisor Notification Form. 
  • How do I find out what the investigation is about?
    To understand why you may have received a letter, you will need to attend the investigation meeting with the assigned investigator. During this meeting, they will review the submitted information with you and ask questions regarding the incident. This meeting also allows you to sign a statement of confidentiality regarding FERPA and learn your rights as a student throughout the process. 
  • Can information discussed in an investigation meeting be confidential or anonymous?
    No; all information shared during an investigation meeting may be part of the investigator’s final report. In accordance with FL. Stat. §1006.60, all involved parties during a disciplinary hearing are provided with a list of witnesses who may or may not provide information related to the Respondent’s involvement in a case. The investigation report will be the incident report for the Respondent’s case, and the Respondent has the right to know the names of individuals who have provided information. 
  • What if I am retaliated against because of my involvement in an investigation?
    The UNF Student Code of Conduct protects students against retaliation through violation 24. If a student feels action is being taken against them as a result of their participation, we encourage you to document the behavior and submit a Student Conduct Referral Form. 
  • Will an investigation become part of my disciplinary record?
    Investigations through the Dean of Students Office do not become part of your disciplinary record. If the investigation leads to a student conduct case, then potential findings of responsibility may become part of your disciplinary record.