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Dean of Students Office

Off-Campus Housing Resources

Housing Resource Partnership: College Pads

The University of North Florida has partnered with Rent College Pads, Inc. to assist students, faculty, and staff with their search for off-campus housing in the Jacksonville market through our virtual Housing Marketplace. This database provides you with the tools to compare the largest selection of off-campus housing apartments and rooms for rent.

The website is easy to access with your UNF email address. The platform provides a vibrant map of the area surrounding the UNF campus where students can get an overhead view of local off-campus properties. 

To help meet the specific needs of each renter, the platform includes filter features to help narrow down your search by pricing, bedrooms, amenities, etc. Each listing also includes walk, bike, and bus times to different locations on campus so that you’ll know your daily commute.


Every year thousands of UNF students spend hundreds of hours in search of off-campus housing in Jacksonville. To help you further, the Dean of Students and College Pads provides Renters Education and tools to help students make well-informed decisions when it comes to renting off-campus.

  • Roommate and Sublease pages give you the ability to post and search for roommates, subleases and temporary housing available only to the UNF community through the use of their University email. No more worries about roommate or subleases scams.
  • Learn the ropes of living off-campus in Jacksonville and what to look for in a lease by taking the Renter’s Education Course.
  • Location
    • How accessible is this to campus?
    • What modes of transportation are available or do you have access to?
    • What conveniences are nearby? (grocery, shops, parking, recreational areas)
  • Layout
    • How many bedrooms? What size are they?
    • How many bathrooms? Do they include showers/bathtubs? Are they shared spaces?
  • Cost & Lease Information
    • How much is the monthly rent?
    • Are utilities included? If not, what is the monthly average cost?
    • Is a deposit required? How much?
    • When does the lease begin and end? Are sublets allowed?
  • Safety & Security
    • Are windows and locks working properly? Are there screens on the windows?
    • Are the locks in working order? Are there locks to external doors/bedrooms/etc?
    • Is the exterior area well-lit?
    • Are smoke detectors working properly?
  • Roommates
    • What are the ages of potential roommates? Is this important to you?
    • Are the potential roommates also students? At UNF or another institution?
    • What kind of lifestyle do you plan to lead? (study habits, quiet hours, cleanliness, pets, etc.)
    • What level of privacy will there be? How will you establish boundaries?
    • How do you plan to resolve any conflicts that may arise? Need Assistance? Connect with our Alternative Dispute Resolution Program!