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Fallen Ospreys

Fallen Ospreys

Welcome to the Fallen Ospreys page. Please join us in using this space to honor our Ospreys who have passed away. We hope you use this as a space to celebrate life and the achievements of these amazing members of the Osprey family. We are all Ospreys together. 

The University has received notice of the names currently featured. If there is a name missing, please submit using the Honor a Fallen Osprey button.

To honor a Fallen Osprey, share a name or memory, please click on the button below:

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Sean had a smile that would light up the room. As his Coggin study abroad advisor, I got to know Sean when we planned his semester abroad in Beijing. After returning, he was even more committed to business, real estate, language study, and travel. We had just met again to plan another semester abroad before he passed away. He had so many aspirations, and many still miss him.

- Kate Mattingly Learch

Cheryl was the director of Advising for Coggin College of Business. She was passionate about UNF and our students and she should be remembered and honored. 

- Kathy Westberry

William was an exceptional student who went the extra mile to get the most out of our class together, and his questions and comments in class made the class better as a whole.

- Martin Luytjes

My beloved soul mate, whom I still miss everyday. ❤️

- Brenda Kelly

Noah was my big brother and he was the best big brother I could ever ask for. He would protect me and take care of me as well as picking on me and bickering with me. He was my best friend and the best brother I can ask for. I love you big bro and fly high ❤️

-Jadyn Dowdy

Noah was an amazing person and an amazing friend. He always knew how to be there for others. He will be truly missed but never forgotten. ❤️

-Mackenna Kerrigan

President of the frisbee team, best friend, military, and a best friend. Noah did it all and always put forth his best. An absolute legend when it came to anything. I miss you Noah and may you rest easy. Love ya man.

-Steven Elkaakati

Noah was a great frisbee player and friend. He will be missed so much.

-Catherine Tortorici 

Dr. Terry Bowen, beloved Associate Professor of Political Science & Public Administration brought my educational career to life while I was an undergraduate at UNF in the mid-90's. At the time of his death in an automobile accident, Dr. Bowen was the President of the UNF Faculty Association & was a member of the UNF Board of Trustees. An amazing teacher, personality, and friend.

-Nancy Miller

Sam gave us many special memories, he followed his dream he always wanted to Serve his country even though it was short he followed his dream, he will always be with us.

-Phyllis Harvey

Doug was an honored member of the library staff for over 18 years. He was a friendly caring person who always had a big smile for anyone who approached his desk.

-Dee Robertson-Lee

James was always easily identifiable at fairs as the guy in the hard hat.  He loved his students and his college and had a general excitement about education.  He was always up for a laugh :)

-Kate Mattingly Learch

Everything about Tristan will always be something to be remembered. His smile/smirk is what remains most memorable to me, a facial expression that held so many meanings. Tristan will forever be someone near to my heart & his life will ring a testament to what I want for myself.

A favorite quote of mine:
“Where there is grief, there is great love. Be what you miss of those you have lost.”

-Sara Hollifield

Pat was a part of the nursing faculty for many years. She was beloved by students and faculty alike.

-Lucy B Trice, PhD, Professor of Nursing (ret) Director of Nursing, Emeritus

James Sorce's legacy at UNF will live on for years in the lives of the students he mentored, challenged, and supported. James' advocacy for the Construction Management (CM) students was unsurpassed. He invested countless hours in support of each CM student toward graduation and a career in field.  His example of student advocacy was appreciated by all his students and colleagues alike.  He is greatly missed and impossible to replace.  

Personally, I will miss his wacky humor and smiling face. Gone too soon. RIP, dear friend.

-Katharine Brown

Andrew is a loss that will reverberate through the UNF campus for years to come. I first met Andrew when he was a member of the UNF Swoop Squad and an Orientation Team Leader. I watched him make a significant impact on every prospective and new Osprey he came in contact with. I then had the pleasure of having Andrew as a Communications Intern his senior year. He had the brightest smile and kindest soul. He epitomized what it meant to be a proud Osprey. Every time I wear my crazy socks or jam out to some classic rock, my mind will always stray to Andrew. 

-Melissa Blankenship

Although I did not have the privilege of knowing David personally, I know that the Osprey Community here at the University of North Florida will miss the presence of David as a friend, inspiration, and motivation. Being a recent graduate who loved Theater and Drama, there will be a lasting impression of David on the University of North Florida for all Ospreys. The Osprey Community cares about David and is proud to know him as someone who graduated from our university.

-Selma Besirevic 

Callie graduated from the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in 2019. She went on to be the Executive Director and Founder of Hope Street Inc. where she committed to transforming systems (schools, communities, organizations, and families) that serve children who come from challenging circumstances. She used Trust-Based Relational Intervention to bring about systemic healing and sustainable change. Callie was a conscientious student, a very dear friend, and a brilliant colleague. I marvel at her steadfastness in faith, her courage to stand up to injustice, her resilience and fidelity to hope, and for championing love and healing. I have been blessed for having known her, "seen" her, and for having had the privilege to accompany her in her growth.

-Dr. Tes Tuason

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