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The Resolution team works with students to proactively engage in civil discourse and discuss decision-making through the following areas: 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)

ADR is a collaborative problem-solving approach to settling conflict without involving the formal conduct process. Services are free, private, voluntary, and available to all students. ADR can look like conflict coaching, learning a communication style, and various forms of mediation to educate students on how to effectively have differing viewpoints while having a constructive conversation.

Outcome Management

Throughout the conduct process, students may be assigned a sanction that is designed to further discuss and reflect on their decision-making and the decision of the University with a DOS team member. These sanctions fall under our Guided Analysis area of our Progressive Sanctioning Model and can include reflective learning, action plan, or communication development.

Forgiveness Process

The forgiveness process allows students who have been found responsible for Student Code of Conduct violations to request a review of their file to have their conduct record forgiven. Students must apply and meet certain criteria while also demonstrating their ethical development and growth to the Review Committee.


Respondents and Complainants have the due process right to appeal a conduct decision based on the following reasons: the outcomes are not proportionate to the violations; new information is available; or due process errors occurred during the disciplinary hearing. Appeals are processed through our Resolution team and heard through Director-level or above senior campus administrators who are trained appellate officers.

Meet the Resolution Team

rebecca-headshot-2022Rebecca Weiner
Resolution Coordinator


Focus Areas:
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Student Conduct Board
Outcome Management

Kristy Ramirez headshotKristy Ramirez
Engagement Specialist 

Focus Areas:
Educational Initiatives
Signature Events