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Office of the Student Ombuds

Office of the Student Ombuds

Mission Statement

The Office of the Student Ombuds provides all UNF students with a safe, confidential place to bring questions and concerns about University rules, policies, or procedures. The Ombuds assists students by considering all sides of an issue in an impartial and objective way, and then advises on how to best resolve the problems.

The UNF Ombuds Office operates in accordance with the International Ombudsman Association rules and guidelines. It provides an independent, neutral, confidential and impartial environment for students to raise issues and learn what alternatives are available for addressing them.

What is the Student Ombuds Office?

The Student Ombuds is …

  • A neutral third party who assists in resolving problems, concerns and complaints through informal means such as counseling, negotiations, and mediation
  • An objective professional with a concern for fairness, equity and accuracy
  • A comprehensive campus information resource
  • A proponent for change if it is clear that existing procedures are problematic
  • An advisor on how to navigate the University system most effectively
  • A collaborator with an awareness of the concerns of the individual as well as the concerns of the institution
  • A mentor to help students analyze and resolve their problems
  • An authority on rules, policies, practices and procedures
  • An informal investigator of issues and concerns

The Student Ombuds does not …

  • Supersede the authority of other University officials or faculty
  • Change rules, policies, practices or procedures
  • Engage in any activity that might be perceived by others as advocacy for an individual
  • Participate in any formal hearing or grievance process
  • Conduct formal investigations
  • Provide legal advice or represent the student in a legal matter


All concerns or information brought to the Ombuds' Office will not be shared with anyone else unless granted permission to do so OR otherwise required by law. Note: There are exceptions - please see the Ombuds FAQ page. 


The Office of the Student Ombuds does not advocate for the student or the University. We consider the interests and concerns of all parties involved with the aim of achieving fair and equitable solutions.


The Office of the Student Ombuds operates independently of administrative authorities.


The power of the Office of the Student Ombuds rests in our ability to persuade. We informally investigate student concerns without issuing judgments or decisions. We do not arbitrate, adjudicate, or participate in any internal or external formal process (including legal processes).

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment (in-person or virtually) with the Ombuds, please email or call 904-620-1491. Drop-in appointments are welcomed if scheduling permits.

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