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Dean of Students Office

Dean’s Certification Letters/Disciplinary Records Check

If you are applying to a study abroad program, graduate or professional school, you may be informed that you need to have a Dean's Certification form completed. Dean’s Certification letters document violations of the University’s Student Conduct Code as well as violations of the Academic Integrity Code.

Disciplinary Records Concerns

You may have concerns about what impact your disciplinary record may have on your application. Having a disciplinary record does not necessarily mean that you won't get into the graduate program of your choice. A significant number of UNF students have had a minor conduct case during their college tenure. The most important thing for you to do is to honestly and accurately respond to the questions posed to you on the application.

While every graduate program is different, most schools review an applicant's conduct record for serious incidents or patterns of behavior. If you have been involved in a serious incident or have multiple conduct offenses, your application may receive additional scrutiny. It is likely to help your application if you can demonstrate that you have learned from the experience and took steps to address any underlying problems that caused you to engage in the conduct at issue.

Request a Dean's Certifications/Disciplinary Record Checks

In order for us to process a Dean's Certification or Disciplinary Record Check, please complete the online form:

Deans Certification Request FormPlease note: Although every effort is made for a quick turn-around on these forms, completion of Dean’s Certification may take up to 5-7 working days to complete, so please plan accordingly.