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Fee Refunds and Petitions

All students incur a liability for all credit hours that remain on the students' schedule at the end of the official add/drop period. If a student officially drops a class during the add/drop week (first week of the semester) a full refund for that course(s) will be issued to the student. Students can drop courses in person or via myWings web portal. A full refund will also be made for University cancellation of courses or denial of a student's admission to a course. Courses dropped within this period will not appear on the student's transcript.

After the close of the Add/Drop period through the 25 percent refund deadline, students who completely withdraw from all courses for the semester and have paid tuition in full, will receive a 25 percent reduction in their tuition and fee charges (less the repeat surcharge, excess hour assessment, capital improvement fee, and other miscellaneous fees). This refund is dependent upon meeting the deadline date indicated in the Academic Calendar as the last day to receive a 25 percent refund, which is approximately 4 weeks into the term. The 25 percent refund applies only to fall, spring, modular and cross-term summer (summer C) courses.

PLEASE NOTE: Medical withdrawals should be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students and not submitted via a fee petition