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Information for International Persons


The following information is offered as a resource to the University community and any international persons that may be visiting the University as a short term scholar, guest lecturer, or as a student receiving a scholarship.   This information is not intended to be considered as tax advice and is offered as an means of providing general information to our University and guests for the sole purpose of determining the University’s responsibility with regard to payments and tax reporting that the University must provide to both State and Federal agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service.

The information herein may not cover each individual’s circumstances and accordingly may require specific review of the situation to determine any requirements that need to be met. Individuals or University staff members should contact the University Payroll Department in the Controller’s Office for guidance regard to questions related to employment or taxes withheld from scholarship payments, wages paid through payroll, or payments made to independent contractor such as honorariums for a guest lecturer.  However, we may not provide advice on tax and you may wish to consult with an individual tax consultation on tax issues.

Who needs to know this information?

  1. University Departments that may invite a person from a foreign country to visit UNF as a Short term scholars, guest lecturer or researcher.  
  2. International persons hired by the University  
  3. Foreign visitors  
  4. Students.  

Please review to the other links for more specific information dealing with the documentation requirements for employment, student awards,and taxation issues for international persons.  We're here to assist you so if after you review the information contained on this website, you would like additional information you may make an appointment  or contact the University's Payroll Department. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs to know this information?
    1. The University Department that may invite a person from a foreign country to visit UNF as a Short term scholars, guest lecturer or researcher.
    2. International persons hired by the University
    3. International visitors
    4. International students.
  • Who do you call if you have issues related to the taxation and employment?

    You should call the University's Payroll Department. You may also visit the Payroll office located in Hicks Hall in Suite 2850 on the second floor.


    Phone: (904) 620-2984

    Fax: (904) 620-2452



    Monday through Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Who should you call if you have questions or problems regarding your visa?

    The International Center offers services not related to employment or taxation and are located in the Student Union, Building 58 East, Room 2300, at the University of North Florida. Visit the International Center's Website at:

    The International Center is located in the Student Union, Building # 58, Room 2300. You may reach them by telephone or email at the following numbers and address.

    Phone: (904) 620-2657

    Fax: (904) 620-3925



    Monday through Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Who should review information regarding international visitors?
    1. Any University department that may invite a person from a foreign country to visit UNF as a Short term scholars, guest lecturers, or researchers.
    2. International persons hired by the University.
    3. Foreign National visitors.
    4. International students applying for admission or employment at the University.
  • What U. S. Governmental Agencies handle issues related to NRA activities?

    There are two U.S. government agencies:

    1. The USCIS & the United States Department of Homeland Security (USDHS), which oversees immigration or non-immigration issues and,
    2. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that governs taxation of any payments received by individuals for services or for scholarships provided in the United States and made from U.S. sourced funds. This would apply to all persons, both U.S. Citizens or to a non-resident alien person.
  • Who are considered Non-Resident Aliens (NRA) or Resident Aliens (RA) for tax purposes?

    An NRA is a foreign person on a temporary visa that is visiting the United States with a primary purpose of study or short term employment that is not making the United States a permanent home. An RA is a person who has met certain criteria for longer stays in the United States, such as meeting the Substantial Presence Test for the number of days present in the U.S. or has obtained a Green Card or been granted other dispensation for being legally present in the U.S. NRA's or RA's are not U.S. Citizens.

    Most of the international persons on the UNF campus are students. However, there are many international faculty and staff members in the UNF community. Activities range from normal courses of study for students such as International Business, to professors teaching classes or doing various research activities as well as administrative support positions. An international person may be a company, corporation or an individual. However, we primarily hire individuals and enroll students in the normal course of business at UNF not corporations. International persons are often referred to as a foreign national, a nonresident alien, or an NRA.

    Many, although not all, of our international students and researchers at UNF are non-resident aliens (NRA) for tax purposes. Persons who are non-resident aliens for tax purposes are generally taxed at much higher rates on all U.S. source income than are resident aliens and citizens. Therefore, it is important for NRAs to have a basic understanding of the U.S. tax system and how to minimize over taxation. You may refer to IRS publications # 515 and #519 for further information.

  • Are there Income Tax Withholding or FICA and Medicare Taxes required on payments made to NRA persons?

    Yes. Withholding may be required but it will depend on the individual circumstance. In some situations there may be tax treaties that may be applied to reduce or eliminate the tax. Tax treaties generally do not apply to FICA or Medicare taxes, but there may be specific Internal Revenue exemptions to these taxes for some NRA persons.

    With regard to payments for employment, taxes will be withheld according to the Internal Revenue Tax Tables. Where tax treaties exist, taxes may be reduced or exempted depending on the specific treaty. FICA and Medicare taxes may be exempt in some cases but are generally not covered by tax treaties. Exemptions would need to be provided by specific IRS regulations or withholding of these taxes would apply.

  • Is an appointment required with Payroll Office?

    Prior to any Nonresident Alien being admitted to the University's Human Resources or Payroll system, students/employees must make an appointment with the Payroll Department to complete their required paperwork and preliminary interview. Please call the Payroll Department to make an appointment: 904-620-2715

    You may visit the Payroll Department at any time during normal business hours. However, appointments are highly recommended.

    The Payroll Department is located in Hicks Hall, Building 53, Room 2850. You may reach them by telephone or email at the following numbers and address.

    Phone: (904) 620-2984

    Fax: (904) 620-2452


  • What documents are needed?

    The following Original documents will be needed during the appointment visit:

    1. Copy of current Visa
    2. Copy of prior Visas
    3. Copy of the current I-20 or DS-2019 issued by UNF
    4. Copy of any prior I-20, with other Institution (Transfer)
    5. Copy of Passport that includes the passport number, expiration date, foreign address in the home country
    6. I-94
    7. Copies of any document regarding immigration status changes, such as an I-797.
    8. Social Security Card or a letter from the Social Security Administration showing receipt of an application for a social security card.
    9. A signed "Certification of Compliance" with regard to the 9/5/6 rule must be completed for anyone visiting on a B visa or a visa waiver.
    10. W-8BEN or other W-8 form as required or an 8233 as may be appropriate.


Name Title Phone Email

Robert Parnell

Payroll Coodinator

(904) 620-2984

Courtney Moore 

Payroll Accountant

(904) 620-2992

Miguel Gabertan  

Assistant Controller - Payroll and Property

(904) 620-2715