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Accounts Payable

Mission Statement

The Accounts Payable department serves a vital support function to the University of North Florida's Controller's Office. The primary mission of Accounts Payable is to provide timely and accurate expenditure processing of University funds, while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service.

The disbursement processing cycle in the Accounts Payable Office begins with the receipt of a vendor invoice, direct pay form, independent contract agreement, and/or other formal documents requesting payment for goods or services. The cycle ends with the transfer of funds or the issuance of a check. All processing procedures in Accounts Payable are consistent with University and governmental guidelines.


Wire Transfer Instructions - Treasury

Instructions from the Treasury Department

International Wire Transfer Form

University of North Florida's W9

The W-9 for the University of North Florida

Blank W-9 Form

Required to add a new US vendor in Banner

Consumer's Certificate of Exemption

Certifies that the University of North Florida is exempt from the payment of Florida sales and use tax on real property rented, transient rental property rented, tangible personal property purchased or rented, or services purchased.

W-8 Forms: Required to add a new foreign vendor in Banner


Certificate of foreign status of beneficial owner for United States tax withholding (Individuals)


Certificate of entities status of beneficial owner for entities

**Login may be required to access forms**

State Policies Concerning Accounts Payables

University Prompt Payment Regulation

This regulation sets forth the parameters by which the University may ensure prompt payment for goods and services.


Accounts Payable Department
Hicks Hall, Building 53/Suite 2800
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224


Fax: (904) 620-2032


Staff Member Telephone Letter Distribution Position
Leanne Thomas (904) 620-1093   Assistant Controller: Disbursements
Christina Walker (904) 620-2723 Accounts Payable Coordinator
Laura Kelp (904) 620-2735  H, J, R, W, X, Z  Sr. Accounts Payable Representative
Cally Rakita (904) 620-2724

 B, C, K, P, Q, S

Accounts Payable Representative
Gina Meuti (904) 620-2728  D, F, G, I, N, O, U, V  Accounts Payable Representative
John "Wes" Greer (904) 620-2721  A, E, L, M, T, Y Accounts Payable Representative


All travel (Domestic or International) and advances are handled by the accounts payable representative based on the above alpha-split.