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What do you owe?

Log into myWings

When you log into My Bill, the amount due will display.  You may have 2 separate amounts--one for the term charges that will include tuition, fees, meal membership, bookstore charges, housing, parking, child care and more.  The second amount (if applicable) will indicate any fees and fines (such as library, parking, housing fines).  If you have federal financial aid (such as PELL, loans, SEOG) they cannot pay any surcharges, late fees or fines, per federal regulations.  

Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid are based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled and will need to be adjusted if you add or drop classes. However, they will not be adjusted immediately; it is an overnight process so to ensure you are aware of the changes you will need to review your account frequently.

Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship pays 100% of applicable tuition and fees, totaling $207.73/hour and the Medallion Scholarship pays 75% of applicable tuition and fees for a total of $155.79/hour.

Florida Prepaid tuition only plan pays $117.08/hour and the tuition and local fee plan pays $160.77/hour.

According to Federal Title IV policy, financial aid may only pay the current year fees unless we have a prior authorization on file to allow us to pay your prior year charges up to $200. Please complete the Financial Aid Authorization Form via myWings/student self service/online forms if you owe prior year fees you must pay and would like us to deduct those from your current financial aid--this does not include any tuition surcharges, late fees or fines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Refer to housing's website or contact them by phone at (904) 620-4663 for questions regarding housing.