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Accounts Payable Lists

Direct Pay Helpful Tips

Invoice Standards

Invoice Date: The date listed on the vendor's invoice or the request date of the direct pay invoice.

Transaction Date: The current date.

Payment Due Date: Three to ten days after the Transaction Date, based on how long it takes the backup to be received in Accounts Payable.

Vendor Invoice Number: The number listed on the vendor's invoice, if none, provided the number assigned by the dept. using the following formula:

    1. For individuals, this includes the first initial of the first name, the first initial of the middle name and the first initial of the last name. If a middle initial is not available, this character should be excluded.
      1. Example: John Little Smith should appear as JLS.
    2. For corporations, this includes the first three letters of the company's name.
      1. Example: Dell Corporation should appear as DEL.
    3. The next (6) characters will be the date of the transaction (MMDDYY).
      1. Example: March 1, 2008 will appear as 030108
       The first 3 characters of the invoice number should be the payee's initials.

Banner Invoice Number: The Banner assigned invoice # starting with an "I".

Frequently Used Account Codes

Direct Pay Expenses

Athletic Game Officials 721005/721006
Background Screenings 771002
Catering and Food Products 771004
Courier Service 771006
Employee Reimbursements of Moving Expense – Non Taxable 771028
Employee Reimbursements of Moving Expense –Taxable 771030
Employee Advertising Bills 771012
Entertainment Contracts 771008
Foreign Travel – Meals 772304
Foreign Travel – Lodging 772305
Foreign Travel – Common Carrier 772306
Freight 771006
Gasoline Credit Card Payments for State Vehicles 740012
Inter-library Loans/Library Vouchers 798100
Medical Expenses for Student Athletes 771032
Memberships 771001
In State Travel – Registration, Misc 772100
In State Travel – Meals 772104
In State Travel – Lodging 772105
In State Travel – Common Carrier 772106
Out of State Travel – Registration, Misc 772200
Out of State Travel – Meals 772204
Out of State Travel – Lodging 772205
Out of State Travel – Common Carrier 772206
Payments to Research Subjects 771025
Postmaster Payments 771000
Registration Only – On Campus 771903
Subscriptions 771012
Third Party Payments for International Travel 772300
Bottles Water Service 771031
Office Equipment 740002
Office Supplies, Paper Products, Signs/Materials 740001
Rentals for Space and Building 771900
Telephone 732001